What the media say in each country

I blame it on the new generation of journalists and their lack of litterary education. 25 years ago, you would have read pieces of propaganda without even noticing it. I must confess I highly enjoy that kind of garbage. I am however concerned about some good papers (Le Monde and El País) losing their edge and falling into partisanship in the last few years. Hard to find reliable sources nowadays...

My thinking also. Many jounalists today are a disgrace and seem to rely on Twitter as their main source for news. All media is now biased in some way but, unlike in the past, at least today we are able to access a variety of domestic and foreign publications and broadcasts. The real story (or as close as one can get) will invariably lie somewhere in between 2 or 3 different news coverages.
In Russia right now media headlines:
1. Sanctioned "Day of Anger" finished by arrests
2. Putin will go to elections, "not as a self-promoted"
3. Amnesty International calls for arrest Bush during his visit to Canada
4. Audi RS5 Cabriolet was caught by photographers the first time
5. The level of traffic jams in Moscow reached a maximum
6. Stars are asked to give up gifts of Kadyrov
7. About road repair will warn by SMS
8. Khodorkovsky in prison engaged in scientific work
9. Ex-prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko got 7 years of jail
10. Russian football team went through the qualifying round of Euro 2012
11. High levels of radiation registered in Tokyo
12. Iran accused the U.S. of waging the war
13. "Al Qaeda" has confirmed the death of "the successor to bin Laden"
14. Russia's economy is still very vulnerable, Putin said.
15. "United Russia" announced about participation of Gryzlov in the debates before the elections, earlier he avoided them.

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