What's the quickest genetic company to send you results?

Italian Norman

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Central Italy
Hi everyone. I'm looking for the quickest company to give me the genetic results. I know a lot about haplogroups and general genetic, and I would like to purchase a test to see my haplogroup and relatedness to other people. While researching my surname origin I found that it was said Greek, but after a While I found it was Germanic instead. Since then I live with a desperate need to test myself. I'm Italian, so what is in your opinion the best company, the one that gives you quickly the results? Thanks in advance.
23andme by far.. I have ordered simultaneously from 23andme and FTDNA. They just do not compare in terms of delivery. However there is a price difference as well.. with 23andme having much a more costly delivery. However, their test is ridiculously cheap.

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