Where to test - already got some Y-STR results?


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Hello, which company do you think is the best for establishing the HG at the first test?

I mean I don't want them to just get the Y-STR results and run them through a predictor. That I've done myself (tested in a private lab with PowerPlex 123 kit - so the markers chosen are somewhat different from ftDNA etc).

I have I2c2 predicted by Cullen and Nevgen predictors. I see now that it is a rather rare result so I am wondering how this can be most easily confirmed - perhaps without the need to do all STR part again?

Hi, still haven't tested anywhere. Now the Nevgen predictor returns 68% probability of unsupported subclade... I2c2 is only a distant second now.

I would like to take a test to confirm my previous STR results (and possibly add more) and preferrably do SNPs as well. Which company would you suggest?

I am increasingly interested in autosomal as well and running my results through various available calculators. Which company offers the most hassle free access to raw data?

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FTDNA's tests could be a good fit for what you want, maybe in your case go for the 67-marker Y-DNA test and the Family Finder autosomal test.
Test with Ancestry. They have 1691 high value branches on the Y Chr.

Then, transfer your data file to gedmatch and FTDNA.

If you test family finder at FTDNA then you don't get any Y information and can't match against Ancestry users.

YSEQ is generally the cheapest YSNP test available. Their SNP packs will be the most economical way to get the latest testable terminal SNP without getting a Big Y or whole genome sequence.

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at the end tested with livingdna as they offer autosomal+mt+y for a fair price. they test snps for y-dna and not just strs. my result is I-L596

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