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Hello, I have tried to educate myself recently in this forum. For sure, I have learned a lot. But I still do not know which is the right company for me. As a consequence, I would like to ask to people with a working experience with some of the companies listed here, which is the right for me:

My son is a mixture of Catalan + Spanish on the father side, and Ukrainian on the mother side. On the Ukrainian grandparents side, one is "normal" (we believe that for several generations, the family lived there; but there are also French genes for sure) but the other side is completely unknown.

From the Catalan side, we have reasons to suspect a part of the family is also of French origin.

What I would like to understand is the origin of both sides of the family, going as into the past as possible.

Also, being able to be "fine grained" matters: I see very often "Spain" is treated as an entity. But for me, fine grained structure matters, it is very different the Catalan origin than the Southern Spanish origin.

Also, since there is potentially French origin on both sides, I would like to see how much, and how, the French origin is my son comes from the father side, and from the mother side, not both sides lumped into a single number, if possible.

Which company would you recommend me to use? Thank you.
i have watched alot of 23me videos now and they only show Iberia as a big region, so maybe livingdna would be the best bet with their new region project, but only in 2 years as someone said here? i also like the book option on Ldna...

about the new project:
Up this thread! (sorry for the self-promotion of the thread, but with Christmas getting closer, I am even more interested about this issue).
My experience :

In terms of Y-dna and mt-dna, FTDNA are thorough and reliable. They'll tell you about your deep clades. But it will prove awfully expensive. As regards autosomal ancestry, the results I got from them hardly made any sense. (eg, 69% British Isles ! When all my ancestry was from Auvergne in the past four centuries or so - and probably in the four or fourteen centuries before that !)

Conversely, 23andMe returned sensible ancestry results. But they didn't bother much with Y-dna and mt-dna. They said I was R-L2 and H1. In other words, they stopped half way through.

This said, I really doubt you'll ever find a company that can sort out "Ukrainian French ancestry" from "Catalan French ancestry". I guess you'll have to be satisfied with far less than that. Or, as piratica said above, you'll have to wait until LivindDNA have completed their regional project.

Good luck anyway.
If I did now a LivingDNA for my child, will the results be updated when "LivindDNA have completed their regional project"? Or will I have to repeat the test then?
If I did now a LivingDNA for my child, will the results be updated when "LivindDNA have completed their regional project"?

No idea. I doubt it. Maybe you could contact them beforehand.
I have asked, and they have told me that it will not be necessary to do a test again. But, of course, who knows.

Any other opinion? Black Friday is coming!
i really doubt that they will keep somekind of old information somewhere if the whole system gets updated with new information - it would mean an automatic mismatch in the whole new system anyway (which means that they have to update all results anyway, based on the new map...)
the only thing that can be kept outdated is the offline book, for obvious reasons...

and hrvclv should participate in the new project also, to get their regional facts sorted?

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