Which diploma better, from UK or from USA?


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Hi everybody. I want to ask question. May be someone can give me advice or just his opinion. Here is the story. Right now I'm living in USA. I'm citizen of EU, and have green card in USA. I'm studying Accounting and Finance (bachelor) here, but I'm thinking to transfer my credits to UK and continue my study there, because I want to live in Europe and be close to my family. But I also can stay here in USA, finish university here, and move back to Europe. But i have concern about my diploma. My question is, which diploma will be better for Europe, diploma from UK or diploma from USA? I don't care about living cost and tuition, my concern only about diploma. Please help!
I earned my B.A. and M.A. at American universities. Overall, elite U.S. colleges and universities top many of the best U.K. institutions. Obviously schools like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and London School of Economics rank right up there with the Ivy League, Stanford, Chicago, MIT and the Little Three (Amherst, Wesleyan, Williams), among others. I guess it all depends on how good the college is that you attended in the U.S. If it is seen as a top school, then your U.S. diploma may hold more value than a U.K. sheepskin.
U Minnesota is well regarded.
It all depends on your specialism: University rankings can be found on the web (e.g. http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/global-mba-rankings).

For example, the best university for an MBA or economics will differ significantly. In my experience (as an MBA from an English university, and having worked with colleagues in the UK, Europe and USA) there is an employer bias driven by nationality; i.e. an American corporation will favour an American university degree, Brits a British one then European. There is a huge amount of subjective bias in recruitment.

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