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The discussion in the "Who invented what" thread here has made me wonder how well-known Franco-Belgian comics were outside France and Belgium, but especially outside Europe.

My childhood favourite include :

- Tintin
- Asterix (the only French comic in the list)
- Les Tuniques Bleus (about the American Civil War, although mostly humouristic)
- Spirou & Fantasio
- Bob & Bobette
- Le Scarmeustache
- Yakari (the life of a young North American Indian before the arrival of the Europeans)

These are mostly for children. Recent comics are more geared toward adults, and are much more realistic graphically, with many stories worth the latest Hollywoodian productions (check "Alpha", "Venus", "Le Scorpion", "Djinn", etc. in "Read-Box" below)

I recommend these sites of the printing companies to have an idea of the hundreds of others Belgian comics. The sites provide a complete list of all the comics classified by genre and title, as well as pictures of the cover and a few pages inside the book.

- Lombard
- Dargaud
- Dupuis
- Casterman (French only)

Dargaud and Lombard editions alone (the same group) have over 1,500 comic books.

The site Read Box also has some comics preview (from 1/4 to the whole book) of the last publications in flash (but in French - although it's worth looking at the pictures to get an idea of the kind of comics even if you don't read French).

See also the thread Which European manga do you know/like
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Tintin and Asterix were fantastic. I never read Lucky Luke but I sa it on TV a few times. It had a great French theme song.
Comics are such a big deal here. There are also many adult comics here in belgium with adult themes and erotic scenes. so there is something for all the population, i guess like manga in Japan. One such example is Jessica Blandy, i always see adults here in the supermarkets and stores reading comics or gathered in the comics center. I myself liked an issue of tin tin i read, le lotus bleu, herge had really progressive ideas in his mind about the hypocracy and arrogance of western europeans in china in the 1930's and criticising also the Japanese presence in China
Asterix was (& is) my favourite comic series.

BTW, Tintin is called "Tim & Struppi" in Germany, the smurfs are "Die Schlümpfe." Problem with this translation practice is that I don't know whether I read any of those comics I didn't check. "Quick & Flupke" & "Nero" sound familiar, but I can't really remember.

2 other comic series I remember, but which are not in the list (not recognisable for me, that is) are Umpah-pah (about an Amerindian & his friend from English colonial forces) & some cowboy comic, of which I forgot the name.
I have always been a big Asterix fan. My aunt had the Smurfs, Lucky Luke and Tintin in french and I used to read them when I was very young. It was because one of my cousins studied french and we had french friends that sent over these books for her.
I read and watched Tintin aswell as Asterix a lot when I was a kid. Also watched some Lucky Luke, and some Smurfs when I was really small.

I've also seen one of the non-animated Tintin movies. It was very... uhm.. bad.

I know:

-The Smurfs
-Lucky Luke

My favourite was: Lucky Luke!
However, I had plenty of Smurf toy-figures complete with their houses which were gigantic mushrooms (or looked like mushrooms). I played with them a lot (when I was little)......and after a while, they were great ornaments by the window. However, in high school I sold them to a nerd-like guy who collected them....
i know them all, i have *almost* them all :wave:

for those who are interested in quality "bande dessinée", i'd strongly recommend the authors "peters & schuiten". all the comics from these authors are very well made, the drawings are clean, the plot is flawless :cool:
another author i really like is "enki bilal" (even if he made an average movie).
I've read every Tintin that were listed on the back of English Tintin comics. I believe there were a couple that weren't on that list, but I can't be sure now.

Favorites were The Blue Lotus, The Secret Of The Unicorn, and The Red Sea Sharks.

I read a bit of Asterix. The library in my hometown didn't have many of them though.
I always thought the Smurfs were Scandanavian. When I was about 9 we used to have a Smurfs Club at school. We would bring in our little plastic smurfs, make scenery out of egg boxes and stuff, then write stories for the Smurfs to act out.
I thought it was 'blake and mortimer" not "black an mortimer"... I also heard some of the things in those comics turned out to be true...
well, whatever. go asterix! and obelix! and cacophonix!
I personally liked Smurfs and Tintin.
Belgian comics are really creative and entertaining.
Very superb.
Belgian cartoons are far more superior than Japanese mangas.
American Warner Bros comics nad Belgian ones are the two best, and I only watch those two.
yakutatazu said:
I thought it was 'blake and mortimer" not "black an mortimer"...

Sorry, my mistake. I have never read that one actually.:bluush:
I've only read Tintin, Asterix and the Smurfs.
Thank you for everyone who wrote recommendations!
I like comics.
I used to read comic "Legendes de Darkness"... badly translated into French from American English ><. I liked the art works in that! :p
Maybe I start to read comics again... if I can find a shop that sells good European comics, it's quite difficult to find near me.
One of my favourite "recent" Belgian comics is Largo Winch. I noticed that Ubisoft has adapted it into a video game for Playstation 2 and PC. Unfortunately the comics doesn't seem to have been translated into English yet.
I know them all but my favorite is "Sillage" from Morvan and Buchet, it's marvelous !!
Maciamo said:
One of my favourite "recent" Belgian comics is Largo Winch. I noticed that Ubisoft has adapted it into a video game for Playstation 2 and PC. Unfortunately the comics doesn't seem to have been translated into English yet.

If I'm not mistake there is also an American TV show called Largo Winch... i guess based on the comics.

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