Which J2a subclades can I possibly belong?


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I want to try a ydna test out because I discovered that it could be very possible that I do not belong to the Jewish cluster, but instead to a new (undiscovered subclade). So the Admins from the J2a-L556 Jewish group want to see if I belong there. 23andme and Wegenes had me as J2, Nat Geno 2.0 as J2a or J2a1. And FTDNA (I transfered my nat geno results to them) had me as J2a-L556.

My father is from Aruba and my mother is from Curaçao, both are islands in the Dutch Caribbean, very close to Venezuela.

Someone told me this:

Both 23andme and Natgeo use Illumina chip technology, which is very problematic for Y-DNA testing. 23andme takes very conservative approach while testing and reporting few hundreds reliable Y-SNPs results. But Natgeo/FTDNA tests many thousands Y-SNPs and reports just everything (or at least under very low QA threshold). So output of Geno test includes many hundreds of unreliable and even false Y-SNPs results.
I looked briefly at transferred results of Aruba/Curaçao person in J2-M172 project (I suppose they're your). It looks like that assignment to J2a is right, but downstream of it there're just few mutually exclusive results from different brunches of J2a. I find no familiar SNPs of PF4610 or L26 or M67 or M92 levels. There also some positive results for non-J2a SNPs, like from J1 or L etc., but that's usual with Geno transfer. I'm convinced you are negative for L556 and likely negative for upper levels M92, Z500, M67. Someone familiar with Geno output should check manually your raw file results including negative SNPs to make conclusive assignment, and first of all it's Natgeo team which sell those tests.

So if I belong to the J2a ydna (Which I agree) and I am most likely negative to the following subclades: L556, PF4160, L26, M67, Z500, and M92. What the hell is my ydna then?

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