White nationalists choose milk as their signature drink


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No, it's not an aesthetic choice. :)


I think this might go under the category of too little knowledge. They might want to rethink their choice after a little more research. The "white" areas of the map are heavily derived for lactase tolerant snps. :) Ah, the irony.

Derived vs Ancestral Lactase Tolerance snp.PNG
Damn, I'm the one. ;)
Damn, I'm the one. ;)

I think some ad guys and gals for dairy farmers could do a great ad featuring people from the major milk drinking regions of the world. Everybody would love the whole brotherhood angle. :) It might not be quite what the people in the OP had in mind, though, in their choice.



I never liked milk,
especially with 0-2% fat

but I adore yiaourti (Greek yogurt)


especially the fleece above with honey

Slavic smetana is also good, (creamy yogurt) but lucks the taste of fresh as most industrial yogurts


As for lactose tolerance,
what about β-casein,??
in my country we avoid milk due to β-casein.it is not a good feeling to work or walk etc with disorders at your 'belly'.
like someone play drums inside you.
It's not something I would ever voluntarily drink either, even after all these years here, and certainly not something I'd choose to celebrate with if I had just thrown all his belongings out and set fire to them.*

No, I think I'd go for a bottle of Barolo, or, if it was warm out, I think I'd toss back some mojitos or daiquiris. I love, love, love Cuban drinks. They're really dangerous because you don't realize how much alcohol you're consuming, but hey, for an occasion like that, what the heck! :)

*There's a scene like that in an American film called "Waiting to Exhale", but there's so much cursing in it I won't post the link. There was no need for it, as in many movies; it's just gratuitous vulgarity.
Milk is not healthy for an adult human body, especially not cow milk which contains growth hormone steroids and other supplements specialized for over abusing the physical system of mammals as cows.

At best organic, natural milk from farms suit better to drink. The only adult mammal that drinks milk is the human and it has to do with the industrialization of meat market business so first they began to promote milk as healthy in order to be able to sell it other than the meat itself.
Well lets hope they reap all the inflammatory diseases then.

Not to worry! It's likely that most of these white nationalists are men who spend most of their time posting on the apricity while munching on Burger King whoppers (at least three per meal with an extra large Pepsi) and farting so rancidly, flowers within a 50 mile radius die in an instant. They assign themselves handles such as (or in the spirit of) "Thor the Viking Lord" before their unsuccessful attempts at reaching for their inhalers (followed by the horrid realization that their only choice is to stand up and walk to them). Lol.
But as far as the internet knows, they're tall, muscular, intelligent Aryan superheroes.
This explains everything, kind of symbolic too since milk is white. Are there any genes for getting carsick from milk? I used to get car sick a lot as a kid after drinking milk, fortunately I grew out of it when I got into my teenage years.

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