Why is R1B-DF27-ZZ12-A431 indicated as European and Armenian?


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Hey All,
I have recently been identified as A431. After my very first test I was identified as DF27, but with the recent results I have a much better idea of where I fit in.
My question is, and this is probably to Maciamo, why is A431 marked as European/Armenian? I am trying to learn more about my heritage, so any insights would help a lot! I am really interested to know more about ZZ12 and A431 in general.
Just out of interest for those who are interested, I am a 10th generation son of French Huguenots who fled to South Africa, and after some digging and studying I can with some accuracy (I say this very carefully as I am in the company of very clever people :)), trace my family back with about 500 years. Then I have this gap of 3700 years back to A431 which I believe is about 2200 BCE.
Anyway, any information that anyone may have will be interesting.
If I rely on Family Tree DNA and the current distribution the 431 subclade 1432, born about 2000 BC the origin would be rather in Britain and Ireland: some distribution data:
England 29, Ieland 26, USA 27 + other countries 17.
I'm not a specialist.
sorry: first line: A431 and A432 !
The R-A431 Story, according FTDNA.


R-A431's paternal line was formed when it branched off from the ancest R-FT318890 and the rest of mankindaround 2300 BCE.

The man who is the most recent common ancestor of this line is estimated to have been born around 2250 BCE.

He is the ancestor of at least
2descendant lineages known as R-A432 and R-FT137611.

There are 311 DNA tested descendants, and they specified that their earliest known origins are from England, United States, Ireland, and 20 other countries.

But the story does not end here! As more people test, the history of this genetic lineage will be further refined.

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