Will all people of the world mix creating one race in the future?

Those are children with albinism. This is completely different.
Quoting from the article that i have posted:
While doctors have said Nmachi is not an outright albino, or lacking in all pigment, they added that the child may have some kind of mutated version of the genetic condition — and that her skin could darken over time.
Sure, nobody knows how it will play out. If we can't pull it off using our logic, there is always natural selection to fall back on. ;)
The future that he predicts is even worse than the most bizarre imaginations of the Nazis. It's all in another level.
that guy looks like some obscure mutant from x-men
Hey Mr downvoter sorry for my post as i admit it was a little racist towards people who resemble a space alien mixed with an owl. Ill show greater amnesty from here on forth bc owl people are people too.
i hope Not, having different cultures / languages and ethnic groups is far more interesting and enjoyable to me than if we all look alike and speak the same and have 1 culture
I would imagine that ethnic miscegenation has a carrying capacity at some point or other.
The world would never become one nation. People will always split because they have different views from geo political, philosphical and religious perspectives.

Its rare that a group of keep the same identity for thousands of years. Because they tend to get absorbed into a new one. And then it changes later.
And they would never be only one race, unless you literally genocided every race except one. I mean like you murdered them. Some people have a weird idea of what genocide is.

Also the idea of race is iffy. Because what if you have one person who is 90 percent black but have european haplogroups instead. And a person who is 90 percent white but have sub saharan haplogroups?

Genetic relatives is more relevant to me than Race stuff. If you were british what the hell does a polish person have in common with you ancestrally vs some jamaican mullatto person? Especially if he was related to you, say the jamaican is a cousin?
One race?
Creating one single race is an ardous task.

First and foremost. How on Earth all people of all races are supposed to stop mating with people of their own race, and ONLY have children with individuals of other races?

Second, imagine that happens, you may have individuals of 2 former races that have become one. But there are like 6 or 8 races. You would have to add a bit of everyone to all.
And, at least until now, only the West, Russia and the Gulf Countries have inmigrants. Inmigrants must go to developing countries in order for that 'super race' to be the only one.

And when you get it... It doesn't have to be beneficial.
See, genetic variation is key to the survival of any species. A week ago or so, I red that lack of genetic variability posed a great threat to humanity.
Many countries have had multiple races living within it for thousands of years, what usually happens is one race becomes the majority and the others become minorities
It could be said that mating within one's race is somewhat more "natural" than mating outside. Things like pheromones and genetic memory drive people to naturally seek those who are somewhat similar in this regard.
This is simply descriptive, not prescriptive. There's nothing inherently wrong in race mixing, generally speaking. Though the results can be... shall we say, mixed, in terms of health and whatnot, good or bad. Bringing genetic diversity into a genepool can improve it to some degree, or the opposite. It really depends.
Some people get together for the wrong reasons. Imo, no one should have children together unless they are genuinely in love. Interracial couples based on love are great, but when its based largely on some exotic fetish, that's not so great.
My two cents.

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