Will Russia Attack Ukraine?

^^^ I recommend the movie Special Military Operation Z with Brad Pitt:

It has more to do with money and greed on the part of home sellers, than importing populations. There is a lot of wealth that the Chinese put overseas so they don't have to give it to their government at home. From their position, what they're doing is smart; I would do the same thing. Though I think Vancouver put restrictions against them. In the USA, back when we were buying our house, there were terrible bidding wars because of this dynamic. But thankfully, we got lucky and were able to find our home at a price that wasn't preposterous.

This is very much true, money laundering which enters our banks and never gets taxed. I'm not quite sure how they do it, but the banks are complicit in it, possibly because there are other Chinese within high positions in the Canadian banks who allow it to happen. Take for example the criminal Meng, daughter of the criminal organization Huawei who stole all the Nortel intellectual property. How is she able to afford a 10 million+ dollar home in Vancouver? I don't doubt she has that cash due to her position, but was any of it taxed? Highly unlikely
<amy times Ispoke about Diomedes island,
and the USA-RUSSIA peacefull, quiet and cooperate borders,

and thedivison of Erope, to old Iron curtain, modern new World order etc,
generally the struggle of Europe

the must, the own, the forced, etc embargo to Russian oil and gas.
or ,the other 'Free World' or how to struggle more the weak nations and states,

[video]https://www.wsj.com/articles/russian-oil-producers-stay-one-step-ahead-of-sanctions-11654076614?mod=automatedsf_trending_now_article_p os4[/video]


[video]https://finance.yahoo.com/news/russian-oil-products-likely-ending-134823959.html?guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ 2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAIdtWNpAQjkJH3kH4 uX0mAMzQLVxjkpNEpsUT7A58hfDwmpRw3YrVK_DuNbI1DnTlFb 1EwZaL0zy5xiDHX0rdwivmj2oPsveYceOcot3BWQQlGIWDYzil Muo9tkiztdaP6JEffq4LJXE31GQ0rLB496tqp9c4z2qpSiNzoA mW6FH[/video]

Oh teacher teacher, how you expect to gain respect, if you do not keep/hold the ones you teach?
Who is responsible for Ukraine's war,

Ukraine was thethird nuclear power in the world,
Nobody would dare to invade her,
But what happened?


Ukraine changed the nuclear stockpile, with a promise and a guarantee from RUSSIA USA and UK.
for her boarders, indepedence and sovereign,

Exactly, Russia agreed to gurantee for a sovereign state, independent from both blocks. At the same time the agreement was made that NATO wouldn't expand Eastwards. Therefore the conditions under which the guarantee was given have changed and the initial agreements broken. That's exactly the cause of the problem.
American intervention with a coup, creating a hostile state at Russias border, which tried to cut off its Russian population and indoctrinate it against Russia. Militarisation of the Ukraine by the USA, plans for bringing Ukraine into NATO.

If those steps wouldn't have been taken by Ukraine, there wouldn't have been a war. Everybody can listen, carefully, to Mearsheimer, which is on point.
Research reveals British people feel very differently about some refugees than others



Hmmm, could it be possible this is the reason they feel differently about some refugees than others?


Also, I guess those "Swedes" must be Viking invaders making all of those sexual offenses.

Medvedev showed in pictures the collapse of Ukraine predicted by Western analysts

Russia is the only coyntry, that although participate at WW2,
Today majes Imperialistic policy, and takes land from another country,
Clear Expasionism, similar to what Hitler did With Czech at WW2.

The people and Nations of Europe, Got United in order to avoid new WW at Europe, but...
The United people, Nations and Countries, are puting Russia in isolation,

the other country but did not participate in WW2, is her ally Turkey.

Europe does fear Russia, simply slowly put her in ice,

Until 2024 Rvssia will seem victorious, due to her strong weapon, gas and oil,
and the only loser is EU.
After 2024, EU starts to recover and regain her power, while Russia drops very low

The estimation for 2027 is
USA gains 3-4% of global income,
EU loses 1-2 %
Russia loses 0,4 % but this 33% of her econnomy, Meaning her economy will shrink by 33%

The biggest winners will be
ARaBIAN Countries

and Losers will be,

all this is about climatic changes, lack of natural resources, nobody cares about Dnepr people
for Russian understanding/speaking forum members interesting video:
it seems Putin won over Xi Jin Ping Pong

The Russian Embassy in Spain posted a video on its Twitter profile on July 29 calling on Spaniards to move to Russian territory. Among what the diplomatic representation highlighted to try to convince immigration are: “beautiful women, cheap gas, cheap water and electricity, vodka and ballet”.

It is obvious that KGB rulers are not in a good season,

the land with most nationalists in the planet, is facing a strong dilemma
The case of a small change era that had with anatoli Navalni, is vanguished since the last is poisoned and ...disapear.. who knows maybe at a psycho-asylum....
Russia it is well known that suffers centuries now from the syndrom of Crazy Ivan the crazy tsar,\

SO the question now are 2.

1. would Putin take advantage of war in Ukraine, so to stay in presidency for ...life...
2, what if Putin's publicity collapse?

1rst case is after Putin's health, mental and body, he is not that old, but he is not so young either,

2nd case brings mainly these 2 men
Medvedev and Misoutin
and secondary these
Sobyanin and Shoigu

Medvedev and Misoutin are stronger in politics, and maybe old KGB systems, but do not have army,
SHoigu is minister of defence, but as a politician is a failure.
Sobyanun is the mayor of Moscow, and is familiar to army since as mayor he founds a small army of mercainairies to fight in Ukraine,

Why Putin may resign?
Putin has fall in own trap,
his problem in ukraine is where to stop or go back,
The Eu denial and ..put in ice.... Russia and especially Russian gas, and cases like the Turbins of pipelines,
Show that EU not only turns her back on Russia, but also changes road if they happen to crossroad by accident,

It is obvious that Putin has 3 options eith war in Ukraine,

1, conguer all Ukraine,
2, stay where he is now, but war will not end,
3, redraw from Ukraine like in Afganistan,

so what is opinion about Russia;s next political staus,

will Putin use thw war in Ukraine to continue sitting in the chair?

if not who do you think is the next president?
The Russian Embassy in Spain posted a video on its Twitter profile on July 29 calling on Spaniards to move to Russian territory. Among what the diplomatic representation highlighted to try to convince immigration are: “beautiful women, cheap gas, cheap water and electricity, vodka and ballet”.

How long are the rows in front of Russian Embassy in Spain? :LOL: anyone? :LOL:

And they forgot the prescription!

Don't mention the war....because that's put to 15 years in prison...I guess then can languish in a Russian prison no woman, no gas, no water, no electricity, no vodka.... with some money of the family you may be can finance the jail maffia otherwise it's even torture and/or rape.
They forgot to mention "you will be conscripted and send as our cannon fodder to Ukraine".
In the end Russia attacked, but it could not invade Ukraine in three days as claimed by the liberal channels.

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