Question Would you chop your hand off if...

Read below then answer :

  • I would chop my hand off to save my life

    Votes: 14 22.2%
  • I would ask the other person to chop my hand

    Votes: 9 14.3%
  • I would panick and eventually faint - and die

    Votes: 5 7.9%
  • I would prefer to die rather than live without a hand

    Votes: 4 6.3%
  • I would commit suicide in desperation rather than dying of poison or living without a hand

    Votes: 2 3.2%
  • I would wait and die

    Votes: 4 6.3%
  • I would do a tourniquet around my wrist and try to go back to the nearest place with anti-venom, eve

    Votes: 25 39.7%

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like i said......
that's what the tournequet is tie it so tight you pretty much cut the circulation off of your arm...(no blood flow) of course you will still bleed, but just not so much as gushing...(ew, that's a little graphic)
This will sound totally perverted, but...

this is the pervert's way out. Ritual suicide preceded by oine final fap. Mutilating myself is something I wouldn't be able to tolerate as a half-assed job. Either enough to die, or not at all, so a hand chop is not an option.

Then again, elizabeth said it best. Don't go to areas with poison snakes.

What i would do is to apply a tourniquet some distance from the bite
(as close to the body as possible).
Then cut a long gash to bleed out some of the poison.
patch up and go wave my bleeding limb in the face of the nearest doctor/nurse/vet

PS. in the voting it says "tourniquet around my wrist"
should never use a tourniquet on a joint
I would wait and die ... to leave this "cruel sick" world -_-
According to my US armed forces survival book, when bitten by a snake, there is a 20% chance that the bite did not inject any poison (presuming that the snake was poisonous). But just in case, you should apply a tourniqet closer to your heart than where the bite is, but make sure the tourniqet is not too tight to prevet the arterial flow from being cut off. Two cut should be made (though this is advised against because you may be panicking and actually cause more harm) on the bite marks paralel to each other. The cuts should be about two inches wide and four inches deep. If a snake bite kit is available, then it should be used (sucks poison and blood out for you), but if it is not available suck it out yourself. Continue to suck for 15 minutes, and if you are okay then you'll live. Seek medical attention. (there was some more but I forgot the rest)

Personally, if there was someone else with you, I would think applying a tourniqet and having them carry you to the nearest medical facilty to keep your heart from beating too much and get some anti-venom. Don't forget to identify the snake and know which allergies you have to help the doctors.
Foxtrot Uniform said:
The cuts should be about two inches wide and four inches deep.

Four inches deep?! That's really deep! I took off a bit of the tip of my left index finger on Saturday, but the cut wasn't any more than a couple of millimeters deep. Even so, that seemed to be enough to expose nerve endings, because it stung like hell everytime it touched something. Even today the replacement skin is still about a millimeter below the old skin. I couldn't imagine a four-inch-deep cut. That would inevitably require stitches, and almost it seems as though the cure is worse than the disease.
(men don't know inches.)

I would use the power of human spirit to clense my blood, firstly by meditating for a few miliseconds then pouncing on my weaker friend, ripping out thier heart and eating it in front of them, for extra blood to help me. Once the friend has collapsed in a lifeless heap of flesh and bone, I would seek the snake; upon finding I would eat him whole.

My digestion fluids would sample the snake's own anti venom and create a vaccine using pre installed biomatic hardware, which would then be re-routed to my heart and beat around my body at a steady 356 bpm. I would save this data for a syntetic anti venom that could be stored with my other chemical breakdown fliuds that I use for alcohol and ingested poisons.

After destroying my friends corpse by vomiting a highly effecient form of acid onto thier massed flesh, I would return to my base camp, swiftly, silently, leaping from tree to tree.
No Joke: But I don?t know, what I would do in that situation. Why?
Assuming that I would be the same as I am now:
How should I know wether the snake was poisonous or not? Therefore, I would not be able to make a proper decision what to do......

But there are some other things to point at:
If the snake was one of the most poisonous - as maciamo wrote in his post - than there are two possibilities: the kind of the effect of the venom is neurotixic or haemotoxic.

In the first case the venom goes straight to the brain - therefore causing malfunctions of the brain, after that the lungs won?t work anymore.
No chance to make some well thought decisions.......

In the second case the snakebite and the injection of the venom would result in pain bigger than getting burned third degree!!! This in most cases would immediatly lead to a shock......
Again: No chance to make some well thought decisions.......

Howto? Practical thoughts:
How to cut of the limb?
AFAIK you would not have the chance to use a knife - even it is a big one......
Some heavier equipment must be used for this task - machete, sword or some kind of an axe......
I don?t want go further in this - but IMHO the pain you will bear in that moment will be bigger than any pain you had expierienced before......

I?m sure that not more than 10% of all (in snakebits unexperienced) posters here would survive this......
10 to 60 seconds to make a proper decision isn?t pretty much time, isn?t it????

Beware the taipan!
Michael ;)
First I hope the bite was on my left hand because I don't think I would be able to make a clear cut in my arm with my clumsy left hand of mine. So assuming the bite is on the left hand and that I have something appropriate to cut a hand, I would cut my arm a few inches above the bite then cut my friend's head and then his hand using my arm as a reference for the lenght. That being done I would do what I can not to die and preserve my replacement hand and go to somewhere where they can fix me.
But since it's very unlikely that I would do such a thing I would probably lay down, if not in too much pain with demonic seizure, and wait; who knows maybe my friend would try something stupid to save me and succeed in that case and if I loose my hand I would just blame him for not letting me die and finally commit suicide.
Of course of all the above has a probability of happening just next to zero and since the starting situation of being in the jungle (especially me, I hate hot, humid climate) and bitten by a snake is even less probable I would estimate the final probability at about 0.0000000000001
So my choice: wait and die
First quickly suck most of poison out, and then chop off my hand if I was sure I was going to survive...(and hope it is my left hand), and stop the bleeding and have myself tonz of alcohol to stop the pain. :D
Whiskey would be preferred and vodka with orange juice in the jungle if possible!

This reminds me of a guy who chopped off his own arm with a pocket knife in order to survive, as he got stuck between two cliffs.

Aron Ralston, after being trapped with his arm under a rock for five days, decided that if he did not get free he would die.

Using his pocketknife, he amputated his arm below the elbow, put on a tourniquet and administered first- aid. He then rigged anchors and fixed a rope to rappel to the floor of Blue John Canyon.

The whole story of Aron Ralston:
Here In Maine....

once or twice a year a fisherman hacks off his hand or arm while alone at sea. They use winchs to haul nets and traps and get caught in them. I guess if you don't want to bleed to death slowly you have to do it; but I'm not sure I could do it?


Questions like these are really hard to answer. I said that I'd cut my hand off, but in reality, I have no idea what I'd do.
Weighing my chances of death and survival, I would logically assume that death is more likely.
I would dread the thought of losing my best friend who's served me well for all those years; I would not be me without it.
Seeing that I have maybe 10 minutes more to live, I'd ask for a laptop and get on-line.
I'd log on to the forum, and write my epithet~obituary in the introductions forum so you guys can respond to the thread.
Better be good posts or I'll come back to haunt you with ghostly ghastly snappy scary counterposts!! :evil:
I was listening to an interview recently with a guy who got his hand stuck behind a boulder after it fell on him. He tried to chip the rock away first with his pocketknife but it was futile, so after three days of standing there and panicking he decided to cut his hand off. The problem was that he'd made the knife blunt on the boulder, so even though he'd cut through the muscle, sinew and other soft tissue, he couldn't get through the bone. This resulted in another day of panic, as one would imagine, until he realized that he could simply break the bone at this point, which he promptly did. He then picked up the arm and went home, though unfortunately they couldn't sew it back on, so he has a prosthesis.
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Mel Gibson in Mad Max handcuffs a villain, one of the murderers of his wife and child, to an overturned car about to explode. A hacksaw is given, the blade just strong enough to cut thru the wrist but not the handcuff. Mad Max walks away and soon enough an explosion is heard. :20:

Moral: If you love your wrist, don't go around killing people.

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