Y-dna markers , how many for a test?


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Although I have done my y-dna ( and paid a lot of money) , I have a relative who wants to do a test on the cheap side.:annoyed:
question is , how many markers should he get results for and should he have the SNP one done?

He wants a better result than just a J or R or E etc etc

I am writing this because he wants to find out from other people.
Oh wow, I've been asking myself the same question for some while now. Good to see I'm not the only one :grin:
The lowest price that Family Tree DNA advertises for Y-DNA testing is their 37 marker test for $169 (USD), which may be more than your relative wants to spend. If $169 is OK, then I think that's a fine test, and with Family Tree DNA, you can wait to see the results before you decide SNP testing is necessary (it only tends to be if you're, say, a common R1b haplotype). If he wants cheaper, then Family Tree DNA has "hidden" ways that you can buy a 25-marker test (there's also a 12-marker test but I think that's usually too few markers). What you do is you go to a project on Family Tree DNA's website and on the front project page, scroll down and look for "MALE LINE TESTING." You'll see a 25 marker test there, and sometimes the price of a 37 marker test can be cheaper if you do it this way, too (on the CumberlandGap-YDNA Project, for example, I see 37 markers at $149 and 25 markers at $124).

You can also try an alternate company. I don't know what's available in your area, but I know that Ancestry.com has been cheaper in the past.
I think you can get the lowest price also by joying a project in Family Tree DNA!

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