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Our aim is to create a detailed and informative guide to countries of the European Union, with an emphasis on travel, history, culture and life in Europe.

The Concept

The concept of Eupedia is similar to that of a combined Wikipedia, Wikitravel and Wikicommons dedicated exclusively to Europe, so as to facilitate navigation and keep visitors focalized on European travel, history, linguistics and genetics. We strive to provide one of the web's most detailed and completely free English-language guide of England, the Benelux, northeastern France and the Rhineland (with aim to extend this to all France and Germany). Here is what distinguishes Eupedia from Wikipedia :

  1. A consistent overview of travel destinations with ratings for tourist attractions and interactive maps.

  2. Beautiful pictures illustrating all travel destinations.

  3. Reference articles written only by authors with specialised and first-hand knowledge of the countries, including Unique insights about European history, linguistics and genetics.

  4. A collection of travel photos organised by theme, region, cities and districts.

  5. A discussion forum to ask and answer questions about Europe, discuss issues relating to foreigners travelling, living, working or studying in European countries, as well as sharing news and tips about any EU country.

  6. Enjoyable, easy to read and carefully researched trivia pages and comparative maps about most European countries.

The Europe Forum @ Eupedia

As of March 2014, the Eupedia Forum has over 26,800 members (after pruning out inactive members), 105,000 posts in over 5,140 threads.

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