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European History

Ancient European history

Time line of prehistoric inventions
When did humans first start making... ?
Diffusion of farming :
chronological map of the Neolithic spread of agriculture around Europe
Diffusion of the Copper Age :
chronological map of the Chalcolithic expansion around Europe
Prehistoric Maps of Europe :
Chronological maps of the European Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures
Ruins of Knossos, Crete ( Q - Oldest cities in Europe :
Chronological list of Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Age settlements
Black Sea deluge theory :
Was the Indo-European homeland submerged by melting glaciers during the Neolithic period ?
Steppe invaders :
5,000 years of migrations from the Eurasian steppes to Europe
Steppe mythology :
How Indo-European myths shaped Roman, Celtic, Germanic and Hindu identities
The ancient Celts :
Interesting facts and trivia.
The Romans, an Italo-Celtic tribe:
How closely related were the Romans and the Gauls ?
Ancient Rome vs Orient :
Was the ancient Roman lifestyle closer to that of modern East Asians than modern Europeans ?

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European Middle Ages

History of the Franks :
How did the Franks influence the rest of Europe ?
The Cult of Charlemagne :
Why did Charles the Great become such a mythical figure ?
Carolingian Genealogy :
List of noble European families descending from Charlemagne and Clovis
Chronology of Gothic Cathedrals:
Where did Gothic style start and how did it spread around Europe ?

Recent History

What the world owes to Napoleon
Understand how reforms, discoveries and the spread of Enlightenment ideals under Napoleon's guidance changed society permanently.
Who invented what ? :
List of major European inventions by country and chronological order.

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General History

A short history of England:
from the stone age to the 21st century.
A short history of Belgium:
with a timeline of the major events.

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Cultural history

Socio-economic history

Forum discussions

What are each country's greatest contributions to the world ?

Greatest ancient and non-European contributions to the world

Greatest person ever by country

Recommended books on European history


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