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Useful links for living and travelling in Belgium Version française

The websites below are trilingual (English, French, Dutch), and sometimes more. Sites in French and Dutch only are indicated by "NL/FR".

Travel & Information

Life in Belgium

  • The Golden Pages : business telephone directory for Belgium.
  • : restaurant search engine and reviews for all Belgium.
  • Resto'In : delivers dishes to your home or workplace from over 300 restaurants in Brussels.
  • Caddy Home (NL/FR) : delivers goods from Delhaize supermarket to your home.
  • Collivery (NL/FR) : delivers goods from Colruyt supermarket to your home.
  • DVD Post : order rental DVD's online throughout Belgium.
  • Cinenews : cinema timetables, reviews and trailers in all Belgium.
  • ImmoWeb : leading real estate property search engine for all Belgium.

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