1. M

    Haplogroup E from Arabia/Natufian ancestry

    I think I know why Basal Eurasian(BE), which comprised around half of Natufian(Mesolithic Levantines) ancestry, lack SIGNIFICANT Neanderthal admixture. BE would basically be haplotype E of an incoming group of men, which explains why it's around half of the ancestry, and also why has few...
  2. Anfänger

    Bioarchaeological analysis of one of the earliest Islamic burials in the Levant

    Earliest Islamic burials in the Levant Abstract The Middle East plays a central role in human history harbouring a vast diversity of ethnic, cultural and religious groups. However, much remains to be understood about past and present genomic diversity in this region. Here, we present for the...
  3. Maciamo

    Common English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese words of Arabic origin

    Wikipedia has list of words of Arabic origin by language. But these lists are typically long and include plenty of rare and arcane words, or words that are specific to Arabic culture or to Islam. Other words came from Persian (e.g. assassin, aubergine, candy, caravan, cheque, chess, lemon, lime...
  4. H

    What do we know about J1-FGC10401 ?

    Is this Ghassanid, with Homerite / Sabaean roots? My family name is listed as one of the Ghassanid families online.
  5. Jovialis

    Arabic-Inspired Chess Piece found in Norway

    Archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute of Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) found the small medieval chess piece before Christmas during an excavation in Anders Madsens gate in Tønsberg. Tønsberg is Norway’s oldest city and excavations there are followed closely by historians and...
  6. LeBrok

    A perfect storm coming to Near East!

    There is a great setup for a perfect storm in Near East. All the elements are in place, the only question is how much appetite for a war all sides will have. 1. The power brokers, Iran and Saudis, are at all time high aggressive mode. They are already engaged in proxy war with each other. Shia...
  7. Lifegear

    Who is more handsome Kuwaiti men or Iraqi men ?

    Kuwaiti men vs Iraqi men on dailymotion
  8. Maciamo

    Tracing back Phoenician & Arabic DNA in modern Spaniards using Haak 2015's admixtures

    Tracing back Phoenician & Arabic DNA in modern Spaniards using Haak 2015's admixtures I have updated the genome-wide section of my Genetic history of the Iberian peninsula by analysing Haak 2015's admixtures (K=20). Haak et al.'s autosomal data shows that the Basques and other North Spaniards...
  9. Maciamo

    Correlating the mtDNA haplogroups of the original Y-haplogroup J1 and T1 herders

    A recent paper on Madagascar Y-DNA and mtDNA made me realise that Y-haplogroups J1 and T1 probably both spread from the northern Zagros after having become nomadic herders during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic. Both haplogroups are usually found together in Europe, in the Arabian peninsula, Egypt...
  10. Maciamo

    Is the high Jewish frequency of hg G representative of the pre-Arabic Levant ?

    There is little doubt now that haplogroup G was one of the main lineages of the people who spread agriculture from the Levant to the Middle East and Europe. Early farming arose in the Levant, and the highest genetic diversity for haplogroup G is also found in the Levant. The odd thing is that hg...
  11. edao

    Percentage of Arab genes in Western Europe?

    In refference to this table: Distribution of European Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroups by country in percentage -view table Can we add up the percentage of G,J2,J1,E1,T,Q and N to work out 'Arab' percentages of genes of European populations? Can these be considered arab genes or not...
  12. edao

    Politics Should Europeans get involved in Libya?

    Yesterday the French, British and Americans have AGAIN gone to war. We have already seen from Iraq and Afghanistan that the politcal and cultural problems in the Arab world cannot be solved by taking a dicatator out of power and setting up some ballot boxes. What can "the West" possibly hope...
  13. edao

    Can Arab nations live in a democracy?

    With the fall of dictators all over the Arab world, do you think Arab culture is capable of running a democracy? Should western nations stop trying to empose their values and cultural templates onto people from different cultures?
  14. edao

    George W. Bush a great man?

    With potential democratic revolution sweeping across the arab world is Gerorge W. Bush to thank? Would any of this have been possible without the war in Iraq and the fall of Sadam Hussain?