1. T

    Looking to discover my roots: E-V13 subclade E-L17 in Sicily

    Hello Everyone! I just took a test through 23 and me that told me I am E-L17, a subclade of E-V13. E-V13, according to 23 and me: "Your haplogroup migrated in large numbers from the Balkans into Europe about 4,500 years ago, triggered by the beginning of the Balkan Bronze Age. During this...
  2. F

    Hitler and Einstein having the same Haplogroup

    After reading wikipedia's article "List of haplogroups of historic people" and some threads here, I wonder why do people insist on claiming that Einstein is jewish and Hitler isn't despite belonging to the same European E subhaplogroup :thinking: ? I noticed that recently, and it seems very...
  3. A


    I received the results of my subclade: L241 Who can tell me which ethnic group has spread this sublcade? PS: sorry for my English :smile:
  4. Maciamo

    Updated phylogenetic tree of E-V13

    I have updated and expanded the phylogenetic tree of haplogroup E-V13. I changed the layout to show when each clade developed in time so as to get a better idea of when the regional expansions happened. Many branches of the tree are still missing. There are few Greek, Italian, French and...
  5. Maciamo

    Was E-V13 a major lineage of Hallstatt Celts and Italics?

    The distribution and origins of E-V13 are one of the most perplexing of any haplogroups. Over the years people have hypothesised that it originated with ancient Greeks, Neolithic farmers, Balkans people, Steppe people, Romans, Celts, Indo-Europeans in general or whatever imaginable scenario...
  6. Maciamo

    Larry Page may belong to Y-haplogroup E-V13

    I was checking the genealogy of Google co-founder Larry Page and found that he descended from John D. Page (1808-1900). The same John Page appears in the Page Surname project and matches exactly several other Page individuals from Kent, England who belong to haplogroup E1b1b1. Only one member...
  7. Maciamo

    Major revision of E1b1b page

    I just want to let you know that I have revised almost the entire page on haplogroup E1b1b. I have added phylogenetic trees for E-V13 and E-M123 and rewritten separate history sections for V13, M81 and M123.
  8. S

    Haplogroup E-L117

    I did the Y DNA111 and mtDNA test with family search and the autosomal test with ancestry. I have gotten lots of potential matches from the mtDNA and autosomal testing but NO matches from the Y DNA test nor was any information available for haplogroup origins. Couple of questions. (1) since E...
  9. N

    E-V22: Neolithic Saharian settlers along the Nile!?

    E-V22: Neolithic Saharian settlers along the Nile!? - In the haplogroup tree haplogroup E-M78, originated about 14.000 years ago (y-full), is the forefather of E-V22. In 2007 Prof. Cruciani stated that the origins of E-M78 was the Egyptian/Libyan area. Recently this is confirmed by prof...
  10. Maciamo

    The great pairings of Y-DNA haplogroups in prehistory

    When G2a Neolithic farmers started advancing from the Near East into Europe, they encountered indigenous hunter-gathering tribes belonging to various haplogroups (C1a2, F, I*, I1, I2a, I2b, I2c, and possibly even H). Interestingly, most of these lineages didn't survive in significant number...
  11. Dini Malaj

    E-L117 Haplogroup info

    Hi I recently received my y-dna results and it seems that I am part of the E-L117 haplogroup. I read online that this haplogroup shows jewish ancestry. At the same time I see matches with different haplogroup names. I have exact matches with E-V13 people and E-M35 and others. And I know that...
  12. N

    E1b1b above the "Limes".......!?

    What are the roots of E1b1b (E-V13) living above the so called “Limes” (border of the Roman Empire)? Eb1b above that line is not more than 3%. That is not much but one out of 33 can not be neglected. On the internet and in the literature I see three theories about it: 1. E1b1b are...
  13. N

    R1b1b above the "Limes"!?

    What are the roots of E1b1b (E-V13) living above the so called “Limes” (border of the Roman Empire)? Eb1b above that line is not more than 3%. That is not much but one out of 33 can not be neglected. On the internet and in the literature I see three theories about it: E1b1b are Neolithic...
  14. J


    My paternal haplogroup is E1b1b1, but 23andme doesn't say much about it, it just says that it's predecessor, E1b1b has an East African source, and that it's most common in North Africa and Southern Europe and that the example populations are Berbers, Greeks, Albanians and Ashkenazis. Anyone...
  15. Maciamo

    Napoleon III was not related by blood to Napoleon I, and may be Talleyrand's grandson

    Lucotte et al. published in October 2013 the extended Y-STR of Napoleon I based on descendant testing, and the descendants were E-M34, just like the emperor's beard hair tested a year before. The persons tested were the patrilineal descendants of Jérome Bonaparte, one of Napoleon's brothers...
  16. Maciamo

    New distribution map of haplogroup E-M123

    To complete the series of main E1b1b subclades after E-V13 and E-M81, here is the map of E-M123, the most Middle Eastern of the three clades. I admit that I am a bit at a loss regarding its origin in Europe. M123 doesn't appear to be related to Neolithic cultures in the Balkans, which are...
  17. Maciamo

    New distribution map of Y-DNA haplogroup E-V13

    After E-M81, here is the map of the E-V13 subclade. The distribution of the two haplogroups don't match at all, except in Iberia. E-V13 is clearly linked to the Thessalian Neolithic and its offshoots, such as the Linear Pottery (LBK) culture. It was also part of the Cardium Pottery Culture, as...
  18. Maciamo

    New map of Red Sea (Horn of Africa) admixture

    I thought it'd be interesting to visualise the distribution of the K10a's Red Sea admixture. It peaks in Ethiopia and Somalia, the region of origin of Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b,and correlates fairly well with the distribution of E1b1b, except in northwestern Europe. Looks like E1b1b lineages were...
  19. Maciamo

    New distribution map of Y-haplogroup E-M81

    A lot of people had been asking for it. Here it is. I have also updated the whole page about haplogroup E1b1b in the last 3 days. Compare it with the map of autosomal African admixture. The resemblance is striking, especially in Iberia and Italy. UPDATE : I believe that E-M81 reached...
  20. Maciamo

    Distribution of E1b1b subclades in Italy (Boattini et al.)

    Here is the breakdown of E1b1b subclades by province based on the recent study by Boattini et al.. North Italy In Cuneo, south-west Piedmont, 2 out of 30 samples are E1b1b (6.5%), among which one E-V13 (3.5%) and one E-V65 (3.5%). In Savona/Genova, central Liguria, 8 out of 50 samples are...