1. JajarBingan

    Southeast Europe: Neolithic to Modern days transition

    I put together a PCA map, which documents the autosomal profile of the released academic samples who are relevant to Southeast Europe. This is the timeline of how your ancestors looked like from an autosomal POV during different time periods. We are missing a lot of data still, but some...
  2. Jovialis

    Link Between Greek Colonies: Apollonia Pontica and Heraclea Pontica

    SOZOPOL, BULGARIA—Archaeology in Bulgaria reports that a piece of a document linking the ancient Greek colonies of Apollonia Pontica and Heraclea Pontica has been discovered on the Black Sea island of St. John. The two colonies were situated on the Black Sea coast in what are now the countries...
  3. T

    Looking to discover my roots: E-V13 subclade E-L17 in Sicily

    Hello Everyone! I just took a test through 23 and me that told me I am E-L17, a subclade of E-V13. E-V13, according to 23 and me: "Your haplogroup migrated in large numbers from the Balkans into Europe about 4,500 years ago, triggered by the beginning of the Balkan Bronze Age. During this...
  4. Jovialis

    Eat Like an Ancient Greek Philosopher: The Aristotle Menu

    This one appeals to me the most. I'm a huge fan of mussels and calamari. I'm a lover of seafood in general. This dish also has raisins in it, which I haven't heard of before. I wonder how it would jive with the seafood; I was pleasantly surprised by maple salmon. I've eaten seafood in...
  5. Alexandra_K

    J1 from Greece

    Hello, my father tested at 23andme and his y dna haplogroup was found to be J1. He is Greek. I am new in this and I don't have a lot of knowledge on the subject but I was wondering if in this case J1 is ancient/ native or if it could be due to Arab/Turkish or maybe even Avar invasions.
  6. leperrine

    J2a L397 - Phoenician and Greek Colonization in The Mediterranean

    Found this and thought it was Interesting. J2a L397 is my paternal lineage.. My Y-DNA Haplogroup is J2a1h2a1 [J2-L70 (J2-L397, J2-L398)] Makes a lot of sense. I can trace my paternal ancestry almost 1,000 years to Languedoc France. Pretty sure they were Franks. "Finally, we explored...
  7. Jovialis

    Greek Burials, and Artifacts found during Pipeline Construction

    Hopefully we can get some ancient DNA out of those burials.
  8. Jovialis

    Thessaloniki Metro Dig Reveals More Ancient Greek Finds

    New archaeological finds unearthed from the excavations for the Thessaloniki Metro include a headless statue of Aphrodite and floor mosaics from the 4th century AD. The Aphrodite statue was found on the site of Hagia Sophia station, near a fountain complex discovered only a few weeks ago...
  9. Jovialis

    The Ancient Greek Roots of Feta Cheese

    As Greece fights to maintain the name of feta cheese as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDI) product, the Real Greek Feta website provides great evidence that the first mention of the famous cheese is as old as Homer’s “Odyssey”. When Odysseus and his men enter the cave of Cyclops...
  10. Jovialis

    Looted ancient Greek antiquities seized from collector's NYC home

    What a jerk, I hope they throw the book at him.
  11. Jovialis

    Mesolithic Greece: Face of 9,000-Year-Old Teenager Reconstructed

    Mesolithic Teenager 7000 BC Child Greek girl from 5th century BC Athens. If these are accurate depictions, than I certainly agree with the reconstruction artist, that hard features disappeared overtime, in favor of smoother ones.
  12. Jovialis

    Cycladic Bronze-Age: Unusually Sophisticated Prehistoric Monuments & Technology Found

    Cycladic Bronze-Age: Unusually Sophisticated Prehistoric Monuments & Technology Found Here's the press release by Cambridge University: "While excavating an...
  13. C

    Mycenaeans R1a or R1b?

    By the latest genetic studies, which haplogroup do you think the early Mycenaen Greeks represent, R1a or R1b? Greek being a centum language suggests R1b but Greek shares some features with R1a Indo-Iranian as well.
  14. Jovialis

    Roman Engineering Revealed in Corinth’s Ancient Harbor

    Interesting, sounds like a lot can be yielded for archaeologists from this discovery in regards to Roman engineering.
  15. L

    Any information on H36?

    Ok, I'm just creating this thread to find some information about mtDNA Haplogroup H36. I recently had a genetics test with LivingDNA and found this out. My entire family (both maternal and paternal lines) going back several generations, actually comes from the region between Florina, Greece...
  16. LeBrok

    GEDMatch Sicily through GedMatch Harappa World

    Recently I got a lot of kit numbers for Sicily, and having a bit of time on my hands today I compiled this table. Europeans # of samples S-Indian Baloch Caucasian NE-Euro SE-Asian Siberian NE-Asian Papuan American Beringian Mediterranean SW-Asian San...
  17. Maciamo

    Translation of Y-DNA and mtDNA pages

    Here are the Eupedia pages that have been translated so far. Anybody with the necessary skills is welcome to volunteer to translate more pages. In French Comment retracer ses origines ancestrales avec un test ADN ? Quel test ADN d'ascendance et de généalogie choisir ? Projet ADN généalogique...
  18. Oasis

    Politics Which Country Do You Think Will Be The Next To Exit EU?

    Denmark Czech Republic Austria Cyprus Italy Ireland Netherlands Hungary France Greece
  19. Maciamo

    How much impact did slavery have on ancient gene pools in Europe ?

    I have long wondered how much of the modern Italian and Greek population descend from slaves imported from other countries. We have no idea at present if their genetic impact was minor (few slaves left descendants), moderate (e.g. 10% or 20% of modern genomes come from foreign slaves) or major...
  20. LeBrok

    Politics Future of Greece

    Five years ago I recommended that Greeks should go bankrupt and start afresh. They could have been out of recession by now, growing their economy outside of Eurozone. I'm surprise this farce is still going on. Let's see how Greeks vote today. I have a feeling they will vote for staying in...