1. Maciamo

    Ancient poop from Roman-era Ephesus shows that rich and poor had different parasites

    Forbes: Ancient Roman Poop Shows Rich And Poor Were Infected By Different Parasites "Using samples of ancient poop and dirt from a private house, public latrine, and harbor, a group of researchers has concluded that the rich and poor inhabitants of Ephesus, Turkey, may have been infected by...
  2. Jovialis

    Roasting Cocoa beans can preserve both chocolate health benefits, and taste

    Manipulating the temperature and the length of time under which cocoa beans are roasted can simultaneously preserve and even boost the potency of some bioactive and antioxidant compounds while protecting desired sensory aspects of chocolate, according to Penn State researchers. That finding...
  3. Maciamo

    Scandinavians are the healthiest in old age

    An interactive chart by The Economist shows the relation between life expectancy, GDP per capita, and the proportion of elderly people living in good health. The results are somewhat surprising. While the French, Swiss, Italians and Spaniards live the longest, the graph shows that relatively...
  4. Maciamo

    Vegetative-state patient regains consciousness through vagus-nerve stimulation

    Great news. After robotic limbs that move and feel like real ones, immunotherapy that heals some cancers in days, or gene therapy that cures incurable genetic diseases, medicine keeps progressing at a stupendous rate. BBC News: Vegetative-state patient responds to therapy "A man in France has...
  5. M

    Is Goji really that bad?

    Some so called scientist claimed that Goji is very bad for health. But Goji is called long live fruit in Asia. Do you eat Goji ? How do you feel about Goji?
  6. rove

    So i just found out about a new genetest company It claims to give "information to improve your Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle and make choices that can improve your health and wellbeing" What is your opinion? Is it worth the €335 (30 points (categories) to spend) I'm not sure...
  7. LeBrok

    Getting older gracefully.

    Now, this is a very exciting discovery, and if successfully implemented in people, it will extend human life and let us live healthier much longer. Everybody can be a centenarian one day. Convincing cells to die can make us stronger. The majority of our cells die noble deaths; they cease to...
  8. Maciamo

    Apple cider vinegar shown to lower blood sugar and cholesterol in BBC experiment

    Good news for those who are looking to lower their blood sugar or cholesterol levels, apple cider vinegar seems to work as well if not better than pharmaceutical treatments. This shows that folk remedy can be just as effective as conventional western medicine. BBC News: Are the health claims...
  9. Maciamo

    Beneficial gut bacteria that produce vitamins B2, B9, B12 and K2

    Our intestines are home to between 500 to 1000 of bacterial species. The delicate balance between these play an important role in our well-being, digestion, immunity, mood, but also in the production of certain vitamins. After writing about how to interpret your microbiome, I got curious as to...
  10. Maciamo

    How to interpret your microbiome (Ubiome) results ?

    Introduction The human body hosts hundreds of billions of bacteria, a number that varies with the food we eat, how often we wash ourselves, brush our teeth, take antibiotics or drink alcohol or other antibacterials (ginger, garlic, turmeric), but generally exceeds the number of human cells, and...
  11. LeBrok

    Your genes will tell you what you should eat.

    We already know about lactose persistence and consumption of diary products. Here comes a new research from Italy linking our preferences to various foods to genes in our DNA. Most of our taste in foods might not be acquired at all, but rather we are born already liking them. Forget about...
  12. Maciamo

    Health Children's well-being in 29 Western countries (UNICEF report)

    Seven years ago I analysed the UNICEF report on children well-being in rich countries. Here is a new report for 2013, which has eight additional countries. The Netherlands still tops the ranking, followed by Scandinavian countries like before, except Denmark which fell from 3rd to 11th...
  13. Maciamo

    Are proteins bad for your health ?

    Two studies published this week in Cell Metabolism, Solon-Biet et al. 2014 and Levine et al. 2014, are telling us that having a diet rich in animal proteins could considerably reduce our lifespan. Here is what Science magazine comments about the studies. One problem with the Solon-Biet et...