1. M

    Single God & Philosophy began in the VI century BC

    Today I wanna share an interesting coincidence that I've been thinking for some time now. And it's the change from naturalistic gods(god of rain, of the Sun...) , full of human passions and conspiracies against other gods. To a kind of god that resembles the idea we had for the past 2...
  2. Archetype0ne

    Asking Hunter-Gatherers Life's Toughest Questions

  3. Maciamo

    Which country has the most post-capitalist culture (green vMeme of Spiral Dynamics)?

    I have mentioned and summarised the concept of Spiral Dynamics in this thread. I find the concept fascinating and extremely useful to study the evolution of societies in history, but also to understand the current socio-political situation in modern countries and forecast how societies are going...
  4. Petros Agapetos

    Philosophy Philosophy of Science and Skepticism

    Scientific Realism makes three kinds of claims: 1. Metaphysical - There is an external world that is mind-independent. 2. Semantic – ex. “Should scientific claims be construed literally?” 3. Epistemological – Scientific theories are approximately true “The positive argument for...
  5. Petros Agapetos

    Philosophy Logical Fallacies Explained and Debunked

    The Argument from Ignorance - Argumentum ad ignorantiam The argumentum ad ignorantiam (also known as the argument from ignorance) is a logical fallacy wherein the speaker claims that a proposition is true because it has not been shown to be false, or vice versa. The argument is a form of non...
  6. Petros Agapetos

    Same Sex Marriage - Arguments for and against

    Same sex marriage - Arguments for and against - The right of homosexuals to marry Gay marriage or same-sex marriage refers to marriage between two people of the same gender, typically because they are homosexual. It is a controversial subject in many religions and countries. Some countries...
  7. Petros Agapetos

    Ethics Ethics and Meta-Ethics

    There are three branches of Ethics: - Applied Ethics = addresses specific ethical questions and problems - Normative Ethics = examines the rules and principles that guide our behaviour, develops general moral theories: virtue ethics, utilitarianism, consequentialism, etc. - Meta-Ethics =...
  8. Petros Agapetos

    Ethics How Science Can Answer Moral Questions

    Science can answer moral questions Sam Harris points out we show greater concern for the well-being of primates than rocks or ants. He suggests this is due to their greater capacity for happiness and suffering. He claims all moral systems are a concern for life capable of conscious experience...
  9. Petros Agapetos

    Arguments For and Against the Existence of God

    Argument from Design It would have to mean that the designer of this plan was unbelievably lazy and inept, or unbelievably callous. And cruel. And indifferent. And capricious. And that is the case with every argument for design, and every argument for revelation and intervention, that has...
  10. Petros Agapetos

    Philosophy Philosophy of Truth - Epistemology

    What is Truth? An event is a quantified aspect of reality. A fact is an observed event. Truth is a relation between a theory about events and facts. A statement about a relation between events is true if the relation is a fact. For example: “Elephants can be green”. The facts are “elephants” and...
  11. Maciamo

    Philosopher David Hume belonged to Y-haplogroup R1a-L448

    Looking into the Home/Hume DNA Project I managed to identify the ancestral lineage of the great Scottish philosopher, historian and economist David Hume (1711-1776). His genealogy shows that he is descended from Thomas Home of Home (1355-1427), and ultimately from William Dominus de Home, Laird...
  12. Twilight

    Common Spiritual traits for each Haplogroup

    Hello there, today being a Sabbath Day in the religion I'm affiliated with; Catholic, I've been quite intrigued about the J2 article about how the bull is said to be worshipped by J2 civilizations. So I was wondering how each religion came to be and what Haplogroup or Haplogroups can take credit...
  13. Maciamo

    Why is philosophy an arts subject ?

    I was reading a BBC article on the French education system, and namely that literature baccalaureate students have to write a philosophical essay. In France at least it seems that Philosophy is an arts subject, not a science one. That doesn't make any sense. Philosophy is like the wrapping that...
  14. Rainbow Warrior

    The Hopi Tablets - a gift to a world in need of a vision

    The Hopi believe their Creator and ancestors have endowed them with the responsibility of assisting the world when a time of grave crisis arrives, to restore its former glory. In presenting the Hopi tablets to the world, the Hopi believe that time of crisis, hope and restoration is now. The...