1. M

    How did J&E got into NEEurope?

    I was watching the map of European Y-DNA haplogroups and I realized there are places in the European great plain, places that were never colonized by the Romans. That have a lot of haplogroup J and E, particularly haplogroup E, which seems to be more widespread. Belarus is striking, since they...
  2. H

    Who were the ancestors of Polish people during the period of the Roman Empire?

    Talking about the period of 27 BC-395 AD, who were the ancestors of Polish people? Or is it too far long ago for there to be a definite answer?
  3. Wheal

    Polish Territories Neolithisation

    The first vs. second stage of neolithisation in Polish territories (to say nothing of the third?)Marek Nowak 2019, Documenta Praehistorica 148 Views26 Pages 1 File ▾ Neolithic Archaeology, Mesolithic/Neolithic, Neolithisation Show more ▾ The present-day territory of Poland (Fig...
  4. Maciamo

    Immigration Largest Italian, Irish, Polish, Greek cities in the world outside their home country

    Great Britain, Spain and Portugal have set up population colonies that are now home to far more people than the country of origin. But what about more recent diaspora of countries that didn't set up their own population colonies? Largest Italian cities in the world For example is Buenos...
  5. O

    R1a-Z282 without deeper subclade?

    Hello! :grin: This is my first post here. You seems like a community with enormous amount of data and knowledge on european genetics, that's why I decided to join you and learn a lot of interesting things on this issue. :cool-v: My haplogroup on 23andMe is R1a-Z282. I downloaded the raw...
  6. J

    GEDMatch What to make of these GEDmatch eurogenes results (with info)

    K13 oracle Admix Results (sorted): # Population Percent 1 North_Atlantic 36.72 2 Baltic 34.62 3 West_Med 15.81 4 East_Med 4.09 5 West_Asian 3.73 6 South_Asian 3.37 7 Red_Sea 1.66 Single Population Sharing: # Population (source) Distance 1 East_German 4.25 2 Austrian...
  7. L

    R1a-YP254 and Poland - " the lineage of legendary Lech"?

    R1a-YP254 appear to be very popular branch of R1a in Poland despite its young age (YFull gives TMRCA of about 2100 years). Many of R1a samples with DYS385=10-14 and DYS439=10 have YP254 mutation. I suppose that about 20% of Poles have R1a-YP254. YP254 is heavily concentrated in what is today...
  8. J

    Traditional music Laboratorium Pieśni - Poland

    "Laboratorium Pieśni is a group of female singers from Poland. Using traditional, polyphonic singing they perform songs from all over the world, mainly: Ukraine, Balkans, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Scandinavia and many other places." Na morzu, na błękitnym morzu Tam pływały stada białych...
  9. S

    Trip to Poland-Krakow

    Hi, I have a plan to visit Krakow in Poland next week and i would like to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau camps and Salt Mine. I found www.krakowdiscovery.com and www.krakowtrip.co.uk companies. They offer acceptable price for trip in one day (share group tours). Does anyone used these companies...
  10. M

    Poland, more Germanic or Slavic?

    Today I read here on Eupedia the article "interesting facts about Poland". I thing that majority of it is quite plausible, but paragraph entitled "Poland, more Germanic or Slavic?" is very radical, hence it can be seen in the comments of excitation by the controversy. Rhetoric that uses the...