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    Knez Dervan's Serbia and the Ethnogenisis of Balkan Serbs

    Today I was looking at a map of the distribution of haplgroup I2a1 in Europe when I made an interesting discovery. According to Serbian legend and the Byzantine Chronicles, the Serbs left an area known as "White Serbia" under the leadership of the Unknown Archon to migrate into the Balkans. This...
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    South Slavs are Indeed Slavs

    Hello everyone! I just got my Ancestry DNA results back and there are some interesting things I found out. My friend who is Russian took the same test so we could compare the results between myself (a Serb) and herself (a Russian). Ancestry uses autosomal SNPs as the base for population...
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    Which country will be next EU member?

    After Croatia, which country is closer to join to European Union? Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova, Azerbaijan or Georgia?