Advice for the right country for me.

Come to America. You are an IT expert, get some CompTia Certifications: A+, Network+, Security+, also some Microsoft OS Certification.
Apply to Companies, and take it from there.

Although i am focusing on web development; the certifications you mentioned are all good to have!
Thinking to get CCNA certified eventually.
Slovenia. I know u said no former communist countries but your paranoia is unfounded. Slovenia is probably safer than portugal. It is a beautiful country with mountains and sea. The economy is the best from all of former communist europe and the people are open and friendly.

Probably slovenia is safer than portugal but i am decided in Zurich or London!
Would like US but unlikely to happen.
I would recommend the Netherlands because I know some good things about this beautiful country that make it a special place to live such as Boat life, beautiful interiors, no traffic jams, amazing infrastructure for cycling etc.
A right country for me

You're only allowed to live there (for non-citizens) if you have 1 million dollars in equity. The apartments in Monacco are hugely expensive. The average rental is about $25 000/month and many are much higher than this. To buy your looking at typically between 2 and 12 million but again you can pay much more. My question is how many people in this world can afford to live there?

I think Dubai is one of the best places for traveling. Dubai is one of the most beautiful places in the world with a big apartment and villas, and so many sights have to see.
I am looking to move out from Portugal and find another country to live indefinitely.
I would like you to advise me the top 3 countries offering me what i look for.

Key important points for me to consider relocating:

- Country with a "good, stable financial situation" where unemployment rate isn't high.

- Where foreigners are tolerated and people are treated equally.

- With warm weather on summer so you can swim in the sea. With mountains, where skiing is possible in winter.

Key important points i don't want:

- Eastern European countries with a communistic or soviet union background. These are countries, I would not feel safe settling down.

I have been thinking France. But i am open for your advice.
Come to the USA.
We're the most tolerant nation on Earth.
Our economy is very strong, and the climate varies massively regionally and can be selected to fit your exact needs.
Why stay in the EU?
They have no future and will soon collapse like a house of cards.

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