Analysis of R1b subclades in Scandinavia

That is, I have two SNP's of L21, and nobody else in A5846 and BY11863 especially seem to have it, one that everyone in other sub clades of L21 do have.
Where this perhaps marks migration to British Isles and around Skagerrak especially as early splits, where it is reasonable that the majority of this mid latitude group would like the British Isles. But it also implies that is isn't as straight forward and Norse, Celtic or central European cultures or what not. Academics that aim to not be controversial and follow majority supported conventions and directions in their field may soon start to muddle lines and be less adamant.

These threads irks me, and the providing of insight has been a staple activity for well past a millennia, and are the most prominent through the dark ages from majority population roles and positions to "help" with a faster pace and sharing of views and sentiments.
"Around 2800 BC, metal was introduced in Scandinavia in the Corded Ware Culture. In much of Scandinavia, a Boat Axe Culture became prominent, known from some 3,000 graves. The period 2500–500 BC also left many visible remains to modern times, most notably the many thousands rock carvings in western Sweden at Tanumshede and in Norway at Atla."

Archeology is a bit better than history written by some Roman guy, creating a definition of Germanic people to explain Europe.
While back in early Viking age. Romans were exporting and banishing supporters of Arianisme left and right to spread their ideas elsewhere.
Athenaseus of Alexandria, it's chief librarian were exiled through his career by no less than five different Roman emperors over Trinitarianism vs Arianism.
And Scandinavia likely thought the lunatics sent where completely off their rockers and decided to respond with force.
Until eventually enough were convinced that absolute rule was the right thing, and usually being banished until the beginning of raiding activity.

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