1. M

    AMH is N'R haplogroup

    Today, the only worldwide haplogroup in the maternal side is several branches of macro N, mainly those that form R subgroup. Given that R haplogroup carriers are the ones that appear around 50,000 years ago(Ust-ishim, Tianyuan...) coinciding with the sudden expansion of Sapiens all over the...
  2. M

    Ust Ishim disproves Out of Africa

    Ust Ishim is said to be 70% genetically different from Africans, with 100% being our current European genetic differences. Ust Ishim is that Russian sample from 45,000 years ago. The problem is that official accepted science puts an alleged "Out of Africa" event for Humans some 5-10,000 years...
  3. M

    Lineage extinction

    Just found this. https://sciencenorway.no/childlessness-demography-fertility/more-than-half-of-us-may-end-up-without-descendants/2055465
  4. M

    R1b decreased in historical/civilized times

    With the coming of the CWC and Bell Beakers, Europe has got their current 1 population that comes in 3. Basically because nobody from outside has come in since(you could argue that Yamnaya/EHG were in Russia, but not in the West). Anyway, that population was (and still is) majority R1b in the...
  5. Maciamo

    Breakdown of R1b subclades by French region

    I have calculated the frequency of each of the main R1b clade in every region of France last year in order to update the R1b maps. I used Nevgen to determine the subclades of samples from FTDNA that were not confirmed by SNP testing. It seems that I forgot to post the table with the results, so...
  6. F

    What are the ethnic patterns of Scottish Y DNA?

    So I was recently reading a bit about the archeology of the material culture in western Scotland that debunks the idea of an Irish invasion, and it got me thinking. What migration patterns would you expect of the 4 "main" ethnic groups that amalgamated to form the modern day Scots on a tool like...
  7. M

    Is R0 from Europe and HV from the Middle East

    Looking at ancient samples in MTree I saw that haplogroup R0(basal to HV) only appears in Scottland and Egypt. The funny thing is that on the other hand we don't see HV in Europe until the German Neolithic, but we see them for the first time in Tell Halula(Syria) and Ganj Dareh(Iran)...
  8. M

    Rivers essential for humanity/civilization?

    The importance of rivers for the appearance of the first civilizations, that were based primarily in the mastering of an agricultural economy, is a common topic in general culture. The reasons are obvious:abundance of water, therefore food, easy transport and the bigger nets of population that...
  9. M

    Macro-haplogroup R and her subclades

    Among Eurasians (whose ancestral descendants include Oceanians and Amerindians), apart from M, most people descend from branches of mitochondrial macrohaplogroup R. 1) We don't know why that is. Maybe they have superadvantageous mutations in their DNA that gave them special human...
  10. P

    R1b1a1b and not R1b1a1a

    R1b1a1b Hi everyone. Acoording to mytrueancestry I have a the R1b1a1b and it is not the classified R-V1636 as you say. Does anyone has the same and/or an explanation? I had known that all R1b comes from Caucasus, south or Russia, Georgia, Armenia. The R1b1a1b has been found in Russia as well...
  11. M

    Basques & H Haplogroup

    I want to bring yet again the topic of Basque particularism. This is by no means a new topic, it is well known in a good chunk of fields like historiography, linguistics... Lets start with Basques being linguistically isolated with the rest of Europe. Speaking a language that doesn't come...
  12. Maciamo

    Updated R1b maps of France

    I have added new samples for each region of France and calculated the haplogroup frequencies anew for each region. But most importantly I managed to get a much more accurate distribution of R1b subclades, especially for DF27 and U152 - both being far more widespread than previously thought...
  13. B

    R-BY250 Turkish

    Hello, 23andme predicts my Paternal Haplogroup as R-BY250. My autosomal test results are 76,6% Anatolian, 15,2% Iranian/Caucasian/Mesopotamian, 0,3% broadly Northwest Asian, 7,4% Central Asian, 0,5% Southern Indian/ Sri Lankan. Help me interpret these results please, all suggestions are...
  14. Maciamo

    Woodrow Wilson probably belonged to R1b-P312>Z30597

    Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, belonged to haplogroup R1b-P312 > Z30597 (a rare clade) based on the testing of a descendant of his grandfather, Judge James Wilson (1787-1850) at the Wilson DNA Project (Genetic Family ZZN). Wilson served as the president of Princeton...
  15. Maciamo

    The Randolph family of Virginia belongs to R1b-P312>Z39300

    The influential Randolph family of Virginia belongs to R1b-P312>Z39300 (aka PH2278) based on the results from the Randolph/Randall/Randle/Randol Surname Group (Albemarle County group). The family contributed numerous politicians, statesmen and military officers in the course of U.S. history...
  16. Maciamo

    Benjamin Franklin probably belonged to haplogroup R1b-U106

    Benjamin Franklin, a polymath and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, whose head has featured on the $100 bills since 1914, is a probable member of haplogroup R1b-U106>Z18>DF95 according to the results from the Franklin Family Y-DNA Project. His family hailed from the small...
  17. Maciamo

    Searching for famous R1b-DF27 individuals

    Two US presidents, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush apparently belong to haplogroup R1b DF27>Z196>Z209> CTS4065>S16864 based on the results from the Bush Surname Project. I ran the haplotype in NevGen's haplogroup predictor to determine the subclade. They descend from Reynold Bush (1600-1686)...
  18. S

    Z2103/L23 in England

    Hi iam r1b z2103 which is a Eastern variant of r1b. How did this get to the UK? Would my ydna be considered celtic, Eastern European or ancient British? Yseq results were, Your final haplogroup is R1b-FGC14589*. All known downstream branches have been confirmed negative. Quick results summary...
  19. A

    How did Proto-Indo-Europeans (R* R1b/R1a) lose Mongoloid characteristics?

    The emergence of haplogroup R * is related to the Siberian culture of Mal'ta – Buret '. But it has been shown that the boy from Malta had a Mongoloid phenotype very similar to today's Siberian populations, dark eyes and hair. We know that people from Yamnaya Culture had a fairly high percentage...
  20. Wheal

    FTDNA Big Y 700

    I would love to hear comments about what you all think about the outcome for Big Y-700 will be from Family Tree DNA. Most specifically, what will it tell us, and will it go back and test to find where the split for the break in earlier snps or will it only test for more downstream snps.