Fun, feel good videos

They hired a new player, really good and good looking:

... You’re not my Girlfriend, but I would ... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Adelén - OLÉ :heart:

too bad, I thought she was Brazilian, but ... Viking, lol
It’s ok too :grin:

and please PRAY for my Team 🙏

Prayer works, we're in Serie A now (it cost me a fortune in candles for Sant’ Oronzo, Protector of Lecce)!
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Brad Pitt playing Dr. Fauci in SNL skit. He really got the mannerisms, phrases, pauses right. He could have gone a little heavier on the accent, but overall very funny. I don't hold with the constant Trump bashing on these venues, but really, his off the cuff, stream of consciousness remarks don't serve him well.

Hope this isn't too risque; it's just too hilarious not to share.

Hope this isn't too risque; it's just too hilarious not to share.


Luiz Fux, Minister of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil. The pronunciation of ‘Fux’ in Portuguese is precisely ‘F****s’. Just a tip of Portuguese. :grin:
The discovery of Brazil by Portuguese and the first contact with indigenous peoples - Subtitles in English can be activated in the video settings.

Sorry, this is the second one I meant to post.

A feel good, inspirational video.

It's a tribute to John Cazale, and especially his work on "The Deer Hunter", one of my favorite all time films. You learn in it that Robert De Niro put up all the money to allow Cazale to be in the movie after the studio didn't want to hire him because he had terminal cancer and was uninsurable.

Al Pacino talks about how Meryl Streep treated Cazale, her first love, during that terrible time. As he says, work is fine and good, and she's wonderful at her craft, but "that's it", that's the real thing, and the most important thing about a person: how much do they love; how do they show their love. That part starts around 4:45.

I usually disagree with her on politics, but I have infinite respect for her as a human being.
Paying with cash or plastic - Humor - Subtitles in English can be selected in settings.

Another good reason to buy a Lamborghini

[video=youtube;BIHXgsrRUw0] logo[/video]
Are the Democrats this excited about the opportunity to attack their opponents? This must be some kind of Freudian slip!
You can see the look of him dying inside when he realizes what he accidentally just said. If this isn't in a "watch people die inside compilation" I'm going to be sad
I might label this why mommy's should supervise all Daddy play time with baby! :)
Here comes the Tarantella of the Center-Rght:
(in Italian)


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