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She's so incredibly sweet. :)

Here's a little Sicilian girl who is definitely NOT sweet. She's an absolute terror. I have no idea why foreigners often think Italian women are so passive; they're absolutely not as it's clear this little girl is mimicking speech patterns of someone she knows.

I don't know if I got all of it because it's Sicilian and a toddler's articulation is the best, but the gist of it is that her babysitter gives her a terrible headache "mal di testa". She doesn't let her play, she doesn't let her cry, or sleep, doesn't give her candy. She's crazy, punto e basta, which is SUCH an Italian thing to say, and which means Point Made. Enough, or maybe Period. End of story. You don't know how many times I've wanted to say that in meetings! :)

Most of all it's the hand gestures which slay me. I was the same when I came to this country; the Irish nuns told me they'd tie my hands behind my back if I didn't stop it. It worked to some degree, but not when I get angry. :) I've also been known to throw a thing or two, but I never did a table toss, although I've wanted to...

Lol. I loved the gestures and authority of those who think they are right when they speak, although yet just a little baby. Although I'm not Italian, I was raised in a neighborhood where most of the families and my childhood friends were Italian and, since I was a child, I can only speak with gesturing hands, like them. If you want me to shut up, there's no need to put a piece of tape in my mouth. Just tie my hands. lol.
… ​with some humor, many people can relate to this:

… Song of the Positive (in Italian, but I translated it)

The other day I felt as I was catching a cold (a running nose),
I thought it was a seasonal illness (a January classic)
But people looked at me as if I was infected,

I ran to the pharmacy, I ran to do the swab:
Dear God, what a line, there’s a river of people, (everyone is here),
… all very worried and with a bit of a cold,
There are those whit a stuffy nose and those with a cough,
the Rapid Antigen test will remove all doubt.

As I wait for my turn I did some money math:
Rapid Testing is a lucrative business,
I curse my fixation for wanted to be an artist,
If I’m re-born again, I won’t make the same mistake - I’ll become a Pharmacist!

Fortunately my test is Negative and now I’m at peace.

I am also vaccinated, I don’t fear Covid,
… but I still have a sore throat, … I’m in agony,
I am forced to do the Molecular Test as well.

OK, I’ll do it, though I'm a little angry,
… despite my vaccines I still have to pay for the tests,
… tests and more tests and now 60 Euro for the Molecular,
the State doesn't care and I don't see the end.

This Lab is packed as a brothel,
there are those unable to smell and those with chills of cold,

the Nurse looks at me, I get excited and I smile at Her,
but she says: … What the F… are you looking at, go home you are Positive !

I immediately call the doctor, my Primary Care Physician:
… How is it possible that I am vaccinated and I got the Variant?

He says: … You’re a fool, You always misunderstand,
The vaccine prevents only hospitalization.

I look for support, I make a round of calls,
they all gave me useless solutions,
… If the symptoms are mild all you need are over-the-counter meds, …
or after three days, … the gave a list of crazy meds,
… (I decided not to translate those meds)
… But who told them these insane things? … People got sick.

I’m confuse, I don't understand,
I call my friend Peppino:
… Peppino I’m very anxious, I am locked in my room,
he tells me to stay calm, to be patient:
You can beat Omicron, … it has lost virulence, … thank God for the vaccines.
… meanwhile, I discovered that everyone is infected,
and that In Lecce there are more Positives than Lawyers.

I've been thinking and scratching my head for days, … a doubt arose inside of me:
Who … infected me? … That … of … :)

Quietly, I do the Quarantine.

This house has suddenly become a jail,
then the problem is that to in order to get my Freedom back I must to do the line again at the USL (govern. lab).

… Lucky the Novaxx with the fake Greenpass .

I hope this story ends soon.

My thought goes to those who suffered and lost their life.
I'm not sure everybody hates Chris…

…but Will Smith definitely hates Chris Rock.
I love this movie :)

Try the wine

Ready for World Cup...

… “so strong Grabiel Strefezza” … a Brazilian :)

fyi Lecce is back in Serie A :grin: … grazie Lupi Salentini!


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