Intriguing Near East autosomal results complemented by confusing mtDNA


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So I am all new to this ancestral DNA analysis. Any help which would help me understand my ancestry would be very much appreciated.

I got my results back from LivingDNA last week;

I was born and raised in Turkey, so I was expecting quite a mixture but I am not sure how to interpret the results. Whether this is a pretty usual mix. Sub-regional detail for Near East hasn’t showing much detail yet. I don’t know any further than where my grandparents were born and one of them was born in Damascus and rest inside current Turkish borders which is not much to go by when you think 10 generations this test could show.

Anyway here is my autosomal results;

Near East 79.2%
- Armenia & Cyprus 27.2%
- North Turkey 24.8%
- Levant 23.3%
- Arabia 3.9%

Europe 18%
- Tuscany 11.9%
- Aegean 4.3% (Calabria, Greece & Greek islands)
- Baltic 1.8%

Asia 2.8%
- Balochistan 2.8%

confusing part is when I look at my MtDNA (HV2a1);

Yemen 44%
Saudi Arabia 20%
Iraq 19%
Ethiopia %14
Calabria 10%
Syria 10%
Kurdish 9%
Daghestan 9%
Iran 8%
Armenia 8%
Pakistan 7%
Turkey 6%
Sicily 5%
Sardinia 5%
Tuscany 5%
Italy 4%
Bulgaria 4%

So would it be wrong to think my father’s side where I pick all the North Turkey, Armenia, Cyprus, and some Aegean or South Mediterranean ( Greek islands and Southern Italy )
But Levant might be coming from mostly my mother’s side? Although Arabia percentage is so small in my autosomal it was surprising to see so high at MtDNA. Why that might be ?

Many thanks,
It is possible, but think of it this way. The 8% Armenian for example does not mean that 8% of Armenian people are really from Palestine. You are finding an association that makes sense, but it really depends on the reference groups.
Thanks New Englander. I think so, I have no direct male relative alive to track Y-DNA. Over all, these results are pretty standard for a Turkish person, and no way of knowing which direction my ancestors immigrated or moved around for sure.

Then I assume then mt-DNA percentages only can show which country HV2a1 is currently most seen? Is 6% Turkey then is a bit low or could be because of the reference groups, small sample size as you said.

I just have to hope that at some point LivingDNA could show further details of sub-regions for ethnicity for Near East or options will be there to upload my data to other DNA companies website to compare.
Without result of your parents, you may think like that. But the truth could be different. My Baltic results are coming from my West Anatolian mom, not Bulgarian Turk my father.
Nevermind the mtDNA result. Without a full sequence you will never know which exact subclade you belong to.

As for HV2a1 FTDNA statistics (FullSeq) show this:

United States1119.09%
Unknown Origin888**

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