1. Hioloi

    How to pinpoint ancestral location?

    Its been quite a while, since the last time I posted here. I know everything about my ancestry now, but still have a huge gap in my paternal lineage. My great grandpa or grandpa was most likely Albanian. I have many Balkan matches, many of whom are Albanian. Now the issue I am having is my...
  2. T

    Is this indicative of Turkish ancestry?

    Hi! I was hoping that someone could please shed some light on whether or not my father's AncestryDNA results are indicative of our supposed Turkish ancestry? Long story short, there is a family legend that we are descended from a Turkish princess. I don't buy the princess part, but I always...
  3. M

    Haplogroup K & agriculture

    https://haplotree.info/maps/ancient_dna/index.php?searchcolumn=&searchfor=&ybp=500000,0 Look at this map, in Turkey the blue skeletons, that represent the Early Holocene samples. The majority are G2 Y-haplogroups, with a significant minority of C-V20 among the ancient populations of early...
  4. M

    23andMe Turkish Black Sea 23andme Results

    Im from Ordu all of my Grandparents are from Ordu but only my Grandmother (mother side) is from Trabzon
  5. Hioloi

    AncestryDNA Is AncestryDNA accurate?

    Hello everyone! I am new to dna testing and dna calculators. After I recieved my AncestryDna results I wanted to know more and more. I am originally from western Turkey (Aydin) yet scored 70% Turkey/Caucasus but when uploading my dna to gedmatch I've gotten turkish results then I uploaded them...
  6. M

    [Turkish] Could someone Intepretate my Mother Results and mine? Myheritage

    My Mother Greek & South Italy = 43.1 West Asia = 42.6 Central Asia = 10.3 Ashkenazi Jewish = 2.3 Iberia = 0.9 China & Vietnam = 0.8 And Mine West Asia = 46.5 Central Asia = 8.6 Greek & South Italy = 44.1 Middle east = 0.8
  7. B

    R-BY250 Turkish

    Hello, 23andme predicts my Paternal Haplogroup as R-BY250. My autosomal test results are 76,6% Anatolian, 15,2% Iranian/Caucasian/Mesopotamian, 0,3% broadly Northwest Asian, 7,4% Central Asian, 0,5% Southern Indian/ Sri Lankan. Help me interpret these results please, all suggestions are...
  8. A

    LivingDNA Mix Near East result coupled w/ Tuscany & Aegean

    I got my Living DNA results last week but I find lack of sub-regional detail for Near East slightly disappointing. Wonder when they will improve details for these regions. Near East 79.2% - Armenia & Cyprus 27.2% - North Turkey 24.8% - Levant 23.3% - Arabia 3.9% Europe 18% - Tuscany 11.9% -...
  9. A

    Intriguing Near East autosomal results complemented by confusing mtDNA

    So I am all new to this ancestral DNA analysis. Any help which would help me understand my ancestry would be very much appreciated. I got my results back from LivingDNA last week; I was born and raised in Turkey, so I was expecting quite a mixture but I am not sure how to interpret the...
  10. P

    Wacky news Islamist coup in Turkey

    A few years back, Egypt was on turmoil. The Egyptians were protesting police abuse during "National Police day" at 25 January 2011. Nevertheless, the real uprising took place just a few days later, at 28 January 2011, a day later to be known as "Friday of Anger". Why did it take three whole days...
  11. HarDav143

    Amazing Volcanic Rock in Turkey

    Cappadocia is a land locked region and comprises of several provinces in a relatively small area of around 300 sq kilometers. The most popular areas are Nevshir, Ürgüp, Avanos and Göreme-the open air museum. The other provinces are Aksaray, Nigde, Kayseri and Kirsehir. The moon-like landscapes...
  12. LeBrok

    Free and independent Kurdistan is coming soon.

    When "brilliant" George Bush invaded Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein he unleashed ethnic and religious forces who were kept in check by Saddam. Under recent Iraqi Government these forces couldn't or didn't want to find a middle ground under Iraqis fragile democracy. We also should blame Great...
  13. Maciamo

    Sultans of the Ottoman dynasty may have belonged to haplogroup R1a or J2

    I came across several Ysearch entries of potential member of the House of Osman descending patrilineally from Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire. Four haplotypes are identical and belong to haplogroup R1a1, all listing Ohran or Osman I as most distant known paternal ancestor. One of them...
  14. I

    Which country will be next EU member?

    After Croatia, which country is closer to join to European Union? Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova, Azerbaijan or Georgia? http://irglobal.blogspot.com/
  15. H

    Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan: two's company, three's none

    Have just read so much weepy story in the blogs, posted by a certain Turkish dude, who in particularities (lots of numbers and facts) had revealed how much Georgians are impudent to steel the transmitted through their territories gas from the South Caucasus Pipeline (Baku - Tbilisi - Erzurum)...
  16. KurdishAryan

    Did you know that Kurds(Kurdish PeoPle) are Europeans?

    hi guys.. here i want to tell you some informations about Kurds.. here: Kurds are a nation/PeoPle of " unofficial "Kurdia/Kurdistan state and "official " PeoPle of Kurdia/Kurdistan settlement area . Language: Kurdish ,is an indoeuroPean language. more info of kurdish language here ...
  17. L

    Immigration Roman Catholic bishop stabbed to death in Turkey

    Source: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jC7_wK6APDrWMs_yqUAA87s-4CEwD9G3SQ200