New map of mtDNA haplogroup U2

Prussians were def. Balts;
The Slavs that reached the Elbe and settled in what is now East Germany (East of Elbe and Saxon Limes) were the Polabian Slavs (Wenden)
The Sorbs in the Lausitz are the last proper survivers;

This study discusses this topic genetically;
Rebala et al 2013

It remains interesting for me why the Polabian Slavs recorded by Adam von Bremen or Saxo Grammaticus have so many East Germanic characteristics; Starting with the tribal names like Warnen, Winuler, Wineter i.e. Wandalen etc.

Adam von Bremen - Book II/XVIII
Sclavanien also, eine sehr ausgedehnte Landschaft Germaniens, wird von den Winulern bewohnt, welche einst Wandalen hießen. Es soll zehnmal so groß sein wie unser Sachsen,

I am not entirely satisfied that the Polabian are actually slavic. I have found no migration for them
As for Iranic-Asian U2e, they seemed to have found it within (with a high concentration, and with I5) a graveyard of a people that the Chinese called the "noblemen". Also, they were the same Central-Asians that invaded India, and got the famous moniker that also means "nobleman". Also, according to 23andme, this haplogroup migrated from Central-Asia to Europe, and was the first U-clade (and every modern human clade) to arrive in Europe.
The haplogroup was in Europe since a long time ago (>35kya), and was not Indo-Europeean in nature. The Iranian branch, however mingled with the Proto-Indo-Europeeans (I5) 15-10kya, and then went to Central-Asia, becoming the "noblemen".
Indo-European?U2e1 was found in 8000 years old I2a1b mesolithic Scandinavians (Motala).

I would be interesting to see if German Sileasians have the same elevated rates. The expelling is recent enough to trace those people. If not all Germans expelled were decendants of the Ostsiedlung their U2 level could indicate that.

As I (Litvin) explained in this thread in posts #47 - #53 (including R1b pie charts from post #47 and maps from post #52):

Many of "Germans" who migrated eastward during the "Ostsiedlung" could be descendants of - previously Germanized - Slavs.

I actually know some specific examples of such "Germans".

A 13th century merchant - Albrecht Baruth (also known as Albert Bart) - who came to Wrocław, Poland, from Baruth, the HRE.

Sources say that Albert Bart was "a Thethonia" ("from Germany") but also that he was "de genere Czurbanorum" ("Sorbian by origin").

So he was a Germanized Slavic Sorb, who later migrated to Poland as a "German" settler. His mtDNA and / or Y-DNA was likely Slavic.


That said, I am highly interested in Y-DNA and mtDNA of Germans from former German territories.

I am actually surprised that no scholars have dared to carry out such studies so far.

Also aDNA of West Slavs is needed for comparison. So far we only have a few samples from Usedom.
My maternal ancestors from Bavaria, I am U2e2a1.

So am I. I think it's mesolithic hunter-gatherer but picked up by Indo-European speakers. There are a few others I've seen, mostly from the British Isles but one from Switzerland. I think it may have spread out from there, or at least my line did.
This paper suggest U2 women were part of the first hunter gatherers in Northern Europe - so pre indo european

"Human paleogenetics of Europe – The known knowns and the known unknowns"
Has U2e or a precursor to U2e ever been found in upper paleolithic Siberia (like the Mal'ta and AG related cultures)? Ancient North Siberia ancestors of ANE are thought to be a combination of some Sungir/Kostenki-like population (~70%) and some early east Eurasian population (~30%). I wonder if the east Eurasian segment is responsible for P1*, while the Sungir-like component could have brought U2 along with it to eastern Siberia. :unsure:

That's what I think. The original West EUrasian ydna was C1a then?
Kostenki was U2 for what it's worth.
Kostenki was U2 for what it's worth.

Wikipedia says his ydna was C1b. Isn't that the clade of C most common in South Asia?

Gives more evidence to the idea of a ydna C and mtdna U population spanning Spain to NE Siberia until I guess ENA K2b/P men killed all the C guys.
My Father has the rare European U2D2. We trace the Linage back to my GGG Grandmother Frederika Sturm born 1844 Germany. SNP tracker seems to have it coming into Europe during the Mesolithic. Looks like U2D and U2C branched off from U2E.Then U2D branching off from U2C. We completed Family Tree full mtDNA. There are U2D2 linages from Denmark, Germany, Poland and Greece.
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My U2e1d mtDNA haplogroup: Mary (nee Mann) Parnell (1790-1871) was born in (Mendon?) Massachusetts. William Mann (1607-1662) is listed as a settler from England in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
My U2e1d mtDNA haplogroup: Mary (nee Mann) Parnell (1790-1871) was born in (Mendon?) Massachusetts. William Mann (1607-1662) is listed as a settler from England in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Aren't there Irish Parnells? Protestants, not Catholics.

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