Prince William belongs to Indian mtDNA haplogroup R30b

chill-out dude, it was a joke. How can you take seriously deporting William to India because he is "Indian". lol

I don't think you are getting the essence of this big news!!!? Its all a big joke! When there is a good joke, there is laugh.
By now you should know that written word don't convey these type of jokes or sarcasm very well. Use context or smiley faces next time.
The Prince is my favorite..
I don't care for royals at all. They are the artifacts of long gone feudal era. They don't mean anything in politics or economy these days and only parade around for some simple folks enjoyment and fanfare. Honestly not much better than other reality shows. If I were a prince I would abdicate long time ago from all the shame, unimportance, buffoonery, titulary inheritance, stupid court etiquette, and costumes with ribbons and undeserved medals, which make them look like pine tree on Christmas.
Peace out.
Well this little irony should make things awkward for racist/xenophobic British people... ethnic people in the UK will forever be able to retort "your future king is part paki! [sic]"
Not surprising, they are a really mixed bag like most royals.
He should go back to India.

And as we all know, every single Canadian grew from the Canadian soil, and not one by way of "migrations" :useless:
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But I think from now and on he should wear a Turban.

And should those with Scandinavian ancestors like wise purchase a little hat with horns on? Or those with Welsh x-grand-parents go around carrying a large leek?!
Silly statement .
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when it comes to sexuality, not only color of skin or hair can be afrodisiac (usually it doesn't matter as long as skin and hair is healthy), there are more powerful elements of attraction in traits of character, intelligence, sense of humor or effort and kindness, to throw few

Absolutely agree.
And, as you say, this is just to throw a few factors, before even we consider the hormones or body chemicals.
This news , [which will not be news in all quarters I`m sure] will make no difference whatsoever as to how people see Prince William and why should it?
Diana was very much liked by a great number of the public, this revelation makes no change to that, and again why should it?
Those who are anti-royalists will remain so, and those who support the monarchy, will still do so.
As a matter of fact I`m not really sure what the fuss is about.

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