R1b came as inmigrants to Spain


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I will launch this hypothesis because the data that would allow you to determine things like this, needs to be: 1)available, 2)published, 3)and noticed.

But this is the only explanation I can imagine for the presence of R1b in Spain & Portugal without the IndoEuropean languages.

A conqueror just comes, takes the lands and obviously, all their culture comes with them(language included of course).

But if you become the majority, but previously you have been the minority or a group in political subserviance. You lose your language, before you can establish 'a culture of your own' once you're in power.

However, those inmigrants weren't necessarily of a low position I can guess, basically because of their weapons and metal-working.
So I assume them craftsmiths and mercenaries, maybe also miners.

In a similar way to the European inmigrants that came during the past 5 centuries, some to Spain and a lot in Latinoamerica, in order to bring capital, businesses and skills to our country(this is a thing, we have foreign elites to some extent).

We can't know the exact balance of power of those societies, but there's evidence in these lines, it's an established hypothesis among the researches of the Yamnaya invasion, that this wasn't neccessarily violent(at least all the time).

One thing is for sure, in the Basque area seems to be way more resistance from the natives.
I've seen, from scarce data though, that Catalonia got its R1b way early, while in Burgos (south of the Basque country) was a couple centuries later.
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Backing the last statement.

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See how around 2200BC there's already R1b in Catalonia, while there isn't in Burgos.
But again, this is scarce data, but is what we have from the massive study on Bell Beakers.

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