1. Maciamo

    Spanish bank launches account that pays you interest if you run or walk

    The Local : Spanish bank launches account that pays you interest if you run or walk "Spanish bank Abanca has launched a savings account that rewards customers with interest for running and walking — as long as they meet their daily step targets. The B100 'Healthy Banking' account pays...
  2. M

    Iberian Yamnaya FEMALES were U5

    I was revisiting Iñigo Olalde's paper "The genomic history of the Iberian Peninsula over the past 8000 years" and I found the likely candidates for the women, the few of them, that came along with the R1b Yamnaya men. There are 14 samples classified as Iberia Chalcolithic (CA) Steppe. I further...
  3. M

    R1b came as inmigrants to Spain

    I will launch this hypothesis because the data that would allow you to determine things like this, needs to be: 1)available, 2)published, 3)and noticed. But this is the only explanation I can imagine for the presence of R1b in Spain & Portugal without the IndoEuropean languages. A conqueror...
  4. M

    12% of al-Andalus women are non-Spanish

    The moors seem to have brought very few women, and among those it's mostly slaves. This could be due to the locations, maybe if there are palaces slaves are overrepresented...
  5. M

    The ancestors of Askenazi women in B. Beaker England and Spain

    In Bell Beaker Iberia K1a1b1 (the ancestor of the most common Askenazi mitochondrial haplogroup) are 4/37 of the samples. That's basically being part of the population. While as we know, the Yamnaya replaced also the women in Britain. Leaving only 1/37 of the samples that managed to survive...
  6. M

    Basques repopulated Spain during the Reconquista

    Nowadays R1b is very common is Spain, like 70-75%. And it's domestic(Basque origin) downstream DF-27 makes like 40%. But here's the thing, during al-Andalus times most haplogroups were Berber/Arabic. So we have to assume a population substitution. We have to take into account that war is very...
  7. Maciamo

    K12b Genome-wide genetic analysis of Iberians from the Neolithic to the Early Middle Ages

    I have written a Genetic analysis of Ancient Iberia, in which I ran the Dodecad K12b admixtures for most of the good quality samples from the Neolithic to the Early Middle Ages and computed average values (a modal) by era. I then compared these modals to modern populations using Vahaduo.
  8. K

    What all I can do on a 6-day trip to Spain?

    Spain is a popular tourist destination, and is on the bucket list of tourists from all around the globe. Although 5 days won’t be enough for you to cover all of Spain as at the end of your trip it will keep you wanting for more, still I have tried to cover the major areas that you can visit on...
  9. A

    Spanish/Iberian/Southwestern European genetic influence and haplogroups in Sicily?

    Hi all, as you can probably already tell, I'm a little surprised by my DNA results judging by my previous thread. None the less, I'm roughly speaking half Italian (Sicilian and Italian) and half 'American' (French) and Eastern European. Although my DNA results have shown that I'm mostly...
  10. Maciamo

    Politics Should Catalonia re-apply for EU membership if it splits from Spain?

    I read if Catalonia were to proclaim independence unilaterally in the next few days without the approbation of Madrid, Catalonia would not automatically become a member of the European Union. The logic is that if it splits from a member state of the EU, it would need to re-apply for EU...
  11. Maciamo

    More genomes from Mesolithic Romania and Spain (Gonzales-Fortes et al. 2017)

    It's relatively small paper compared to the mastodons published earlier this month, but nevertheless interesting. Paleogenomic Evidence for Multi-generational Mixing between Neolithic Farmers and Mesolithic Hunter-Gatherers in the Lower Danube Basin (extended PDF with supplementary materials...
  12. W

    Causes of group violence in British males ?

    There are several related ideas going around in my head, and so the title is only partially accurate - I am curious as to what scientific reasons there could be for the abundance of violent behaviour amongst British males (And a smaller percentage of females more recently) in public situations...
  13. Maciamo

    Southern Neolithic route brought Megaliths from the Levant to Western Europe

    I have hypothesised for several years that the wave of Neolithic farmers who came from the southern Levant through North Africa brought a quite different set of haplogroups and autosomal admixture than the Anatolian farmers that colonised the Balkans and Central Europe. There is ample...
  14. B

    E1b1b E-M81 in Iberia: Neolithic, Phoenician or Moorish ?

    Did we reach a conclusion? Is more Neolithic, Phoenician or Moorish in Iberia?
  15. C

    R1b Posting all ..your expertise was adopted...Civil War of Spain

    My dad was born in Lora del Rio, Seville Spain. His parents were killed during the Civil War of Spain. He was then adopted. In the year 2002, I found his family. Before he died at the age of 80, he was reunited. There is much information found and more researching. For now, I have the...
  16. S

    suebi y-dna input in north portugal and galicia

    So I wonder why there is so much I(y-dna) in the braga region as portraied by beleza et al because there is ~18% of I(y-dna). I also know that this city was the capital of the suebi kingdom in galicia and noth portugal but in this specific area there is much more I(y-dna) than even in some parts...
  17. C

    Travel to Cracow

    Hi everyone! I'm from Spain and I would like to travel to Cracow. Could you please give me a some information to hotels and apartments? Also, I would like information to activities to do in the city. I think travel in June. Tranks!! :smile:
  18. Maciamo

    Tracing back Phoenician & Arabic DNA in modern Spaniards using Haak 2015's admixtures

    Tracing back Phoenician & Arabic DNA in modern Spaniards using Haak 2015's admixtures I have updated the genome-wide section of my Genetic history of the Iberian peninsula by analysing Haak 2015's admixtures (K=20). Haak et al.'s autosomal data shows that the Basques and other North Spaniards...
  19. Maciamo

    Genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula

    I would like to announce that I have just published a Genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula. It may still need a few corrections, but otherwise I think it is reasonably comprehensive. Your feedback is welcome.
  20. Maciamo

    Spanish Chalcolithic mtDNA provides more evidence that Bell Beakers were non-IE

    Here is a new paper by Daniel Gómez-Sánchez and co-workers. They tested 19 mitochondrial sequences from the Burgos region in Castile and León, northern Spain, all dating from the late Copper Age (2050 to 2500 BCE). The authors note the heterogeneity of mt-haplogroups compared to other...