R-L51-PF7589 in anciet (Roman) Latin samples tested
R1021 700 - 600 BCE Iron Age B Iron/Republic Latini U4a1a R-PF7589 Boville Ernica Male 246980 0.56 No 0.01 0.00564 13.11% 39.67 Boville Ernica T. 1. L. petrous, 2.5.18 Petrous 30-min (partial)
R111 0 - 200 CE Imperial Rome Imperial Roman Imperial H R-PF7589
Via Paisiello (Necropoli Salaria)
Male 243940 0.59 No 0.01 0.00556 9.60% 34.40 burial 45 Petrous 30-min (partial)
R61 1280 - 1430 calCE Late Medieval Medieval/EarlyModern HV R-PF7589 Villa Magna Male 399332 1.45
*same stratigraphic unit as R54
0.01 0.00560 8.24% 62.80 VM 07; BII; 4067 Petrous 30-min (partial)


Likely that R-PF7589 was spread by the Romans in Europe rather than by the Barbarians in Italy
I've recently found out that I'm R-PF7589, which would correspond to information I've uncovered detailing a notable 12th century ancestor having come from a village called artimino outside of Florence. It leads me to think that while the stock itself is Etruscan in origin, it's existence would correspond with early Roman samples.
[FONT=&quot]Una considerazione la possiamo fare: R-PF7589, oggi molto raro, è sempre presente tra i latini, gli etruschi e i romani di età repubblicana e imperiale. We can make a consideration: R-PF7589, very rare today, is always present among the Latins, the Etruscans and Romans of the republican and imperial ages.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]R1b-L51-PF7589 in Etruscan aDNA[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]MAS003 Risultato (88,0% 190 -0 +26): R-Z2118[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]MAS003 R1b -> R-L754 -> R-L389 -> R-P297 -> R-M269 -> R-L23 -> R-L51 -> R-Z2118 (ISOGG: )[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]MAS003 Extra: A10728 Z1632 BZ3369 Z7943/FGC3762 Z30246/FGC36003 Y211962/FT355194 Y87386 F3876 MPB391/F3886 S12350/FGC3570 FT8994 CTS2179/M8743 FGC39016 V5620 Z16687 Y161045/V59632005 Z4251/M2840 BY2011344 CTS753[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]TAQ024 Risultato (87,7% 664 -3 +83): R-Z2118[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]TAQ024 R1b -> R-L754 -> R-L389 -> R-P297 -> R-M269 -> R-L23 -> R-L51 -> R-Z2118 (ISOGG: )[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]TAQ024 Extra: Z20646 Z1632 YP4385 M2366 F15300 F45 / M1739 Y6901 CTS685 Y7204 Y21578 / BY4144 BZ279 M1797 / F1020 BY67364 Y62705 S10807 FGC35929 Z33312 BY37458 A1655 FT41224 ZS4922 BY21479 FGC64727 BY178574 / Y157509 K193 Y222350 M9741 Y66816 FGC39020 Y137529 Y50056 Z12623 Z24383 CTS3873 Y20160 A17215 Z10669 / Y8078 Y14502 / FGC23183 Y14326 / Z16773 Y19193 / FGC40958 PF3394 Y143187 F20971 ZS12404 Y19145 FT122144 FT23422 BY47181 Z19530 F21937 V6879 / FGC26949 / YP3249 SK1854 FGC16606 CTS8847 M6752 / V3622 M2592 BY126840 A14971 Y28630 MF173534 / Y204387 Z20508 FGC31489 M75 Y16263 FGC20961 / A819 Y58398 A10187 FGC30794 FGC28519 / Y6501 FT70401 ZS4476 Y177076 FGC21731 Y165117 PF5586/M2663 Y44335 F3462 Y177909 Z5047/M2301/S26149 Y113030 M11737 Z6612/FGC641 BY45308/Y143449[/FONT]

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