Red hair existed in pre-historic Europe

Light Skin:
"these results point to the importance of several genes in shaping the pigmentation phenotype and a complex evolutionary history involving strong selection. Polymorphisms in 2 genes, ASIP andOCA2, may play a shared role in shaping light and dark pigmentation across the globe, whereas SLC24A5, MATP, and TYR have a predominant role in the evolution of light skin in Europeans but not in East Asians. "

mbe. oxfordjournals. org /content /24/3/710.full

" We date the coalescence of the light skin associated allele at 22–28 KYA. Both our sequence and genome-wide genotype data confirm that this gene has been a target for positive selection among Europeans. However, the latter also shows additional evidence of selection in populations of the Middle East, Central Asia, Pakistan and North India but not in South India."

journals. plos. org/ plosgenetics/ article?id=10.1371/journal.pgen.1003912

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That's Mal'ta boy time, not 8ybp SHG.

I thnk Angela mentioned elsewhere that the Motala SHG samples were recent to that area and the listing of them having east Asian dentition and that their ancestors had gene flow with Han Chinese suggests they came from the east. If they were mostly responsible for passing on SLC24a5 to the rest of Europe then you would also expect a higher proportion of Euros to have the EDAR allele variant and the resultant shovel shaped incisors, thicker hair and extra sweat glands.

Red hair has many different snp variations that arose at different times. The ScotlandDNA link gives D294H as arising in Europe only 30kybp, with R151c and R160w originating in west Asia 70k years back.
If depigmentation genes were somehow connected to latitude then they were always most likely to have developed among northern HGs.

(actually most likely would be among neanderthals or people who mixed with neanderthals)

That SLC24A5 (if i'm not getting it mixed up with the other one again) seemed to have been spread by the farmers seemed to nix that theory swinging it towards farmer diet instead however the Motala HGs have brought the northern/interior adaptations back to being the most likely again.

If these various depigmentation genes were specifically [high latitude or high altitude or northern interior] adaptations then
- this very wide but still regional distribution could explain why the more coastal distributed WHG didn't have them
- the IE probably carried some of these depigmentation genes and possibly from more than one source
- if the farmers also spread one or more of these depigmentation genes then where and who did they get it from?

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