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This thread is dedicated to proposing new famous members of haplogroup R1b-U152 (S28) and its subclades.

So far, confirmed R1b-U152 carriers include:

- The House of Habsburg (L2+ based on the Habsburg Family Project)

- Abraham Lincoln (probably L2+ according to the Lincoln DNA project)

Here are a few prospective carriers that should be further investigated.

- George Washington : see here.

- Thomas Paine : the Payne FamilyTreeDNA Project has many R1b members, but only one with ancestry confirmed from Norfolk, where Thomas Paine's family originated. This member happens to be R1b-L2.

- Grover Cleveland : if the lineage I in the Cleveland DNA Project is the one of Moses Cleveland b.c. 1525 in Ipswich, then it seems that the U.S. president's haplogroup was U152 > L2 > L20+.
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Abraham Lincoln's lineage has been tested for deep clades of U152 by FTDNA.

It appears that Lincoln belonged to U152>L2>Z49>Z142>Z150, Z12222>FGC12378+ FGC12379+ FGC12380+ FGC12381+ FGC12382+
Abraham Lincoln's lineage has been tested for deep clades of U152 by FTDNA.

It appears that Lincoln belonged to U152>L2>Z49>Z142>Z150, Z12222>FGC12378+ FGC12379+ FGC12380+ FGC12381+ FGC12382+

Is L2 considered by many an Italo-Celtic marker?
What about Plantagenet? were they U152?
male line descendants of Edward III via John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and Henry Somerset, 5th Duke of Beaufort (1744–1803) are U152 xL2,Z36,Z56,M126,M160,Z192.
Four descendants of Edward III have been tested with 3 testing u152+ and one, Richard III, or what are assumed to have been his remains, testing positive for haplogroup G.

If I understand correctly, the three U152+ individuals are still living and stem from different branches of Edward III.

Thanks Dorianfinder, that´s what I recollect too.(y)
Actor Kevin Costner descends from George Adam Costner (Kastner) from Edenkoben, R-P, Germany, and his father Andreas Kastner. This places him in group 2 in the Kastner Y-DNA Project, who belong to R1b-U152>L2>A19725>BY39321.

American-Canadian actor Matthew Perry (b. 1969), most famous for playing Chandler Bing in the sitcom Friends, apparently belongs to haplogroup R1b-U152>L2>Z49>Z142>CTS2819 based on results from members of the Perry Y-DNA Project (Family 7). He is a descendant of John Perry (1604-1674) and his father John Perry (1588-1621) from Hampshire, England.
One of the York Roman Gladiators 6DRIF-22 is R1b>U152>L2>FGC22501>Y37744>A12416. He died 250-300AD. The subclade of this Celtic Briton was present in Britain 410BC. Now, that is famous. A relative of his, William Searell (1595-1656), was a yeoman farmer in Staverton Parish, Devon, England.
Hello, im R1b L2.
I would like to know a deeper subclade. Can any of you suggest how to find that out?
My family is one of the oldest in Trasmiera, Cantabria. There is a legend that we came from the area of “Borgoña”. I think even before the Romans invaded Cantabria.
Thank you!
Johnny Cash, the famous American country singer, is reported to belong to R1b-U152>L2>DF110>FT62777. Found on FTDNA's "Discover More" section in "Notable Connections"

From Wiki:

"He traced his Scottish surname to 11th-century Fife after meeting with the then-laird of Falkland, Major Michael Crichton-Stuart.[24][25][26] Cash Loch and other locations in Fife bear the name of his family.[24] He is a distant cousin of British Conservative politician Sir William Cash.[27]"

another amazing find
according ftdna discover tool
michael jackson was under r1b-u152 spesifically R-FT121274


Michael Jackson’s detailed haplogroup was determined by Big Y testing of a relative descending from Michael’s paternal great-grandfather Israel Nero Jackson Sr (1838 - 1934).

The Jackson surname came from Nero’s father July Gayle (1801 - aft. 1880) and his nickname "Jack." His son Nero became “Jack’s son.”
Jack was enslaved by James Richbourg, who had French ancestry. A close Big Y match between the Nero Jackson descendant and a Richbourg tester strongly indicates that Jack’s father was his enslaver James Joel Richbourg (abt. 1748 - aft. 1830) or one of his close relatives.


758218Claude Philippe de Richebourg 1670 FranceFranceR-FT1212741324141111-14121212131330189-1011112515193015-15-17-17101119-231514171636-38121211915-1681110810101223-231610121214812222013121113111112123415916122626191211131210912121011113012132413101020151914241812152512231810141791211
Great find about Michael Jackson! Another Black American (well, at least by birth) who turns out to be R1b. Here are the details of the subclade.

R1b-U152 > L2 > Z258 > Z367 > L20 > BY203086 (aka BY203111) > FT121435 > FT121274

Unfortunately not much is known about this deep clade except that it's found in France and the USA.

I checked the distribution of the "de Richebourg" surname in France, but it doesn't exist any more. However "Derichebourg" is found around Paris and in Picardy, although extremely rare.

Michael Jackson's father was from Arkansas, a state that used to belong to French Louisiana, so it wouldn't be surprising if his patrilineal ancestors were of French origin.
this paper from back in the day
in a sample of african american males found around 58-60% e1b1a-m2 (which is there dominant y haplogroup unsurprisingly )
but it also found 15% r1b among them ( european branches of it likely result of slave owners)

what is cool as that both king of boxing and king of pop fall under different branches of r1b;)

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