Spanish bank launches account that pays you interest if you run or walk


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The Local : Spanish bank launches account that pays you interest if you run or walk

"Spanish bank Abanca has launched a savings account that rewards customers with interest for running and walking — as long as they meet their daily step targets.

The B100 'Healthy Banking' account pays customers up to 3.4 percent APR (up to a maximum of €50,000) if they meet daily step targets.

Galician bank Abanca presented the forward thinking account at an event in Madrid to showcase the bank's commitment to caring for customer health and the planet.

"No bank in the world has so far linked savings to health, to contribute to improving the well-being of people, with such clear benefits," said Jorge Mahía, executive director of B100.

The bank not only offers rewards for walking and running but also guarantees that 25 percent of the income generated by its 'Pay to Save' card will be donated to Spanish start-up Gravity Wave to fight plastic pollution in the ocean.

I think it's a great initiative. It's a world away from rapacious banks that only care about profits even if it means destroying the environment and people's health. Here we have a bank that cares about the health of its customers as well as combating plastic pollution that is so damaging for marine life. I can only applaud.
For those interested, here is the official page if the B100 account. It's possible to open an account online in 5 minutes for free and there are no monthly fees. Apparently one does not need to be resident in Spain to open an account as long as they are resident of a member state of the European Union. Customers need to walk 8,000 steps per day to achieve their goal.
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