The Celts in Northern Italy


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the Celts in Northern Italy were basically the same ethnically as Italics but just Celtic in culture, Is this correct?
The celts in northern Italy arrived through the alps very predominantly via Switzerland and France. It is very likely that the very first "latins" that founded the Roman Empire where R1b men ( the "Celtic" haplogroup) but that they had entered the italian peninsula much before, and in much smaller numbers than the later successive migrations of Gauls into the Lombardy/piemont region, they where all celts yes.
I'd dispute R1b as being 'the Celtic haplogroup', a common misconception overall. Although northern Italy is the heartland of R1b-U152 which is the haplogroup most common in areas traditionally associated with the Celtic peoples of central Europe. So yeah you could say that northern Italians are predominantly Gaulish/Celtic.
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it seems to me that the proportion of Y-R1b-U152 compared to total R1b is the strongest in Italy (my knowledge is based on scarce data it 's true) - I think Y-U152 formed somewhere in Switzerland or jus East to it, and became the most common R1b HG among S-E (*P-?) Celts and Italics - we can bet it was the SNP more frequent incompassing the frontier between Celts stayed in Central Europe and Italics (and why not frequent enough too among proto- or first Veneti, confused sometimes with the "omnipresent" Illyrians of old archeologists) - maybe it was a strong element among all the last I-E touched bt the *Qw->>*P- phénomenon (and maybe *S- >> *H- one???: U152 is strong enough in Kreta, and if someones speak about a Venitian late occupation of the Island, I remind the higher densities of R1b in Creta are in the more "archaic" region of it, in S-E) - but some surveys seem showing that U152 can be divided into some half separate downstream SNPs which can be linked yet to BB and Urnfields (predecessors of La Tène) and have not exactly the same distribution, one more E-France-S-Germany-Switzerland, one more Italy: and lingusistic proves that Celts and Italics were no more brothers but only cousins - more western Celts were surely evolved on the Y-R1b-L21 side, not speaking about minor other HG taken on the way -
I think La Tène (time) and eastern (place) Celts were often of U152 type (males) but not exclusively, and that, yes, in North Central Italy, the U152 are (or were) more of Gaulish origin than of Latin or Umbrian origin - only more precise deep data concerning R1b in Italy could prove or disrpove - I recall too that some dialectal phonetic isoglosses in Italy romances languages -
seem fit pretty well to celtic influence, for vowels as for consonnants
R1b u-152 most probably originated somewhere between Switzerland and north eastern/ central France.

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