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Sometimes, mostly when I feel sad, I sit in front of my window and look outside. I think about the things that are happening in my life, and what to do with it. Then suddenly I remembered the smile of my neighbour?fs daughter (she is around 4 years young, and always say hello to me), and a happy feeling is falling over me.

Why do we people forget about the little things? The little things that happen around us everyday. We are so busy with our work or study, always looking forward; the weekend, next year when I live with my wife, 2 years until school is over, etc. Of course, this moments are important, this are our goals in life, well maybe not the weekend as we normally have it once a week, but how about the little things. The things that makes life beautiful.

Your love that says; ?gI love you?h
The flowers that comes out in the spring.
A desert that makes you think; ?gMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM this is soooo GOOD?h
A child?fs face, which can make you smile no matter how you feel.
The man on the radio that you hear every morning.
Your favourite soccer club, or any other kind of club, scoring a goal.
The girl behind the counter who says hello to you every morning.
A new word that you added to your vocabulary.

Why do we always need to think big, and why do we forget about this little things, which happen almost everyday, that makes life so beautiful.

Just think about it.
Oh I understand where you are coming from !! I know that feeling well, and I always make it a point to stop from time to time, and 'smell the flowers'--if you will.

Maybe it's in the turnover of the working memory that causes the little things to be pushed aside so quickly. Or perhaps just the speed of life these days--I really don't know. What I do know, is that recalling those little positive and face-brightening tidbits of memory can have a good effect over a large period of time, when they come up.

The little thing that I recalled today (of course not without letting my mind ramble a little) was the change of one of my student's facial expression from that of being lost, and sad, to one of being felt cared for, when I coaxed her into a smile from her state of 'lost love'. That memory of her new expression, gave me a feeling of being appreciated too, and I felt good.

And of course, I still feel very high from all the love I get from so many on the forum. :)
I remember when my girlfriend was here and still treated me with some respect, that a little red head girl, adorable as anything, would always wave to my girlfriend when she passed my house and we were going out or comming home, i thought it was cute that the little girl admired my g/f and my g/f was all "kawaii.....cho kawaii!" hehe.

I always carry the belief theres more to life then immediate goals like the workplace and stuff, i know their necisarry parts of a modern life but....they dont actually ensure existance.
You are so right, Dutch Baka.

When bad things happen to us, it's so easy to block out all the good things because of that. You see good things, beautiful things, and somehow they all seem blighted, touched by our misery. People are sitting in the bar, drinking and laughing, and we are outside thinking: 'they are enjoying themselves while this is happening... while my world is being destroyed...' But it's important not to forget that happiness and good things and beauty don't stop existing just because **** happens in our lives.

Little things that make my life good........ :)

The clear air in the morning, when I walk to work, across the park, and see the trees which look beautiful in any season, and their patterned bark which is so interesting, and in autumn the many squirrels. :cute:

My guitar and keyboard... if I want to take my mind off something stressful, I just concentrate hard on practice and it cleans out my mind somehow. :)

A really good song.

To remember a time when someone has said to you: "you cheered me up" or "you made me feel better now".
The little things really are the big things! Stuff like work and traffic jams don't matter, but the things that make me happy are BIG!

-Falling in love with Simon. Although we have been together 10.5 years (married 8.5), every now and again I fall in love with him again. Like on Sunday when he bought a new hat and looked sexy in it, I thought 'here I go again!'

-When I put food in Iris' bowl and she looks at it, sniffs it, then comes and asks to eat out of my hand

-Cherry blossom


-The swing in Chalice Well

-The view from the top of Glastonbury Tor

-My friend Grace saying she missed me today when I go back to work tomorrow

-My friend Adam asking if he can call me Mum

The clean smell of a Japanese girls hair; alto-pear shaped tones of her voice;
mochi-hada(skin like mochi) eye's like fire; hearts of passion ! spry youthfulness.
As far as smell goes ... the scent of new mown grass has to be in the top five! Closely followed by bacon, eggs and coffee.

Other little things ....

The first cup of tea or coffee in the morning - but especially Saturday ... when there is no urgency at all!

The cry of seagulls - I don't know why ... I just love it.

The wife having a good laugh ... about anything ... even at me!

Foggy mornings (- when I don't have to drive).

Brilliant sunlit mornings (when I do ...!).

Gorgeous sunsets.

The sound of water trickling, falling ... or generally doing what water can do ...

... It doesn't take much, does it?

An evening at home without the phone ringing.

Having friends over for dinner and enjoying the conversation.

Sitting on the beach at night listening to the waves.

It's always the simple thing in life that make it fun and relaxing.
shadowcatcher said:
Sitting on the beach at night listening to the waves.

This is really great! And it gives me memories of Australia, Perth. I lived there in a hostel for 2 months, Ocean beach hostel. just 30seconds walk from the beach, and in the evening we went there, being drunk, running in the water, sitting on the beach.

the sakura I will see in 1.5 years, Iエm really looking forward to that!!!

thanks for the rep.p people, my only intention was, to make people aware about this things! to sometimes think about the small things!

Right now it is Sint maarten in here. And we have this kids singing in front of people there houses, for candy. It makes me smile, because it remembers me from when I was young. Memories are also one of this little things...
...The girl next door, shes so sweet, and great fun to be with.
...When someone you love says they love you.
...Flowers In Spring
...When Liverpool Football Club Score a goal.
...The guy at the gym who takes the effort to ask how I am.
...When the geese take the bread from my hands.
...When I look over at just the right time to see my tortoise yawn.
...The smell/sound of bacon sizzling in the pan
EddyKola said:
...When I look over at just the right time to see my tortoise yawn.

Awww that's so cute! It reminds me of when I had gerbils as a child - they were so sweet when they yawned! :cute:

One of the little things....... hehe....... finally giving up being "nice" and telling the person who's bothering you exactly what you think of them. Not a very positive thing to, uhh, make life beautiful, maybe (sorry!) - but PHEW!!! it doesn't half make you feel better! :yeahh:
I'm happy when....

my cat runs to greet me and purrs when I'm near her. Nice to be loved.
UFSI said:
my cat runs to greet me and purrs when I'm near her. Nice to be loved.
That means she wants to eat ! :p Love has nothing to do with cats, they're the biggest suckups in the animal reals.They only use us to get food.Manipulative little critters :blush:

Anyways, I love to stop with what I'm doing, and think about the small things in life.On this very moment, I was asking myself if the rabbit in Tsuyoiko's avatar is sniffing it's butt :?
Sleeping for twelve hours on the weekends and waking up to eat some lucky charms.

Going to the bookstore and finding out that new book I wanted was just released!

Finding a nickel lying on the street.

Going to bed only to have my cat sleep on my stomach.

The little stupidities in videogame AIs that make it so much more fun to beat the crud out of them!

And chinchillas.
Tsuyoiko said:
She is having a wash:eek:kashii: ;)
Hmm is it a long eared cat then ? :D j/k :hihi:
When walking to the train station, I can see the red sky infront of me.
I'm so late in this thread but good one, Dave!

There are many things that make my life bautiful, but coming home with my husband to see my dog howling and circling from the joy, which happens everyday, is one of the best things.

And right now, the thought of Thanksgiving dinner I'm having tomorrow night. mmmm, turkey...
The little things huh? How about this:

- The fact that I still have one fully functional ear to hear the sounds of the world.
- The fact that I have two eyes to see with.
- The fact that I have two arms, legs, and hands to interact with things.
- The fact that I walk.
- The fact that I can talk.
- The fact that I have an intelligent brain and use it effectively.
- The fact that I can eat food.
- The fact that I can breathe on my own.
- The fact that my heart still beats in my body.
- The fact that I have escaped death.
- The fact that I am alive for another day.

I think those things are the most important.

Doc :wave:

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