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Ok, here's the "Opinion Game." Everyone has to pose a question for which of two things do you prefer and answer the question from the previous post(s). This might be kind of dumb, but I'll start...

Which do you prefer...
Coke or Pepsi??
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Pepsi !!!!!

Do you like BLACK hair or other??

Uncle Frank

Coke, of course! Out of the glass bottle!

I think Pepsi is too sweet. It's sweeter compared to Coke. At least, I think it is.
No question?

I like...
black hair
Coke (I'll answer my own question to get things rolling)

Which do you prefer...
hot or cold
Oh! Whoops! Sorry Brooker.


As for the hot or cold, I would say cold.

Vanilla or chocolate?
o! i broke it as well.

Vanilla mostly.

Summer or winter?
Here we go...

Coke, definitely (even though I only drink it rather seldom)
How hot/cold is hot/cold? Rather a little warmer, but not too hot!

I prefer brighter hair colors (esp. blond/redblond), but black hairs aren't bad either (still better than brown).

Vanilla. Don't like brown chocolate (only white).

Summer - girls wear more revealing outfits! :D

Blue, green or brown eyes? (I like blue the most)
Do I answer all the questions?
All colors I suppose
Brown eyes.. like me..

Do you prefer day or night?
King of Tokyo wrote...
Do I answer all the questions?

I guess we'll leave that up to each person.

day (but I'm a night person)
blue eyes

Do you prefer.... Mac or IBM?

Hey, this is working pretty well. :bravo:
I guess I'll just answer the ones I haven't answered..


Watching a movie or reading a book?
Coke/pepsi - I'm really not fussed.
Dark hair
Brown eyes
It depends what the book/movie is - lame answer, I know, but it's true. :sorry:

Oh, I'm low on imagination right now - the next person can pick 2 questions. :D
Movie! although books are good :haihai:

really? i get 2 questions? :D

snow or rain

glass half empty or glass half full

Well, it depends, if you poured it till half then its half full, but if you poured it full then drank half then its half empty.. Heh.

Left Wing or Right Wing?
black hair
pro'ly blue
reading a book
the glass is both, depending on the time of day :D
neither, I'm an anarchist :D

Japan or Rest of World?
To pick up where I left off(with michi's season question):

brown(blue eyes with dark hair is the best, though)
movie(tough choice)
half full
far left

And finally...Europe! :p

Boxers or briefs?

But I prefer the hybrid over both.

Better to have LOVED and LOST or NEVER LOVED at all?
mad pierrot said:
But I prefer the hybrid over both.

Better to have LOVED and LOST or NEVER LOVED at all?

Better to have loved and lost...then at least one has tried falling in love...:)

Concerning public transportation:
More fun to take the bus OR take the train??
New questions only...

Daytime - well, I've heard there's a daytime where it's bright outside and people are on the streets 'n' stuff... what's it called?

Ibm-PC - as long as Macs are so prohibitively priced, with only few software avaiable for it...

Depends - if the movie is realized really good... however, not too much are.

"The glass has exactly 50% content." - "Thank you, Mr. Data."
... j/k. It's half-full.

Rain, because it's too cold when it snows. Now if we could have warm snow, I would be all for it!

Distinct left.

Undecided, as long as I haven't been to Jpan for some time.

Briefs - boxers are too prude.

Bus - trains aren't much fun over here.

Question - when will we be able to have anime hair colors by genetic modification?
+definitely trains - riding trains is like a hobby for me. Buses around here suck.
+loved and lost - the relationships I've had have taught me a lot and made me the person I am today.
+briefs - I feel "unsupported" in boxers.
+I like everywhere
+half full
+watching a movie - I wish it weren't so, but it is.

If you had a kid, would you prefer a....
boy or girl?

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