The Opinion Game

North America, I guess, cause that's where I live.
immortality, that would kick a@@! I'd be like Highlander.
marriage, eventually.
football and soccer, I love both.
read JREF, as opposed to work, just like I'm doing now.
poke it, or how do you know?
live dangerously, baby!!

T or A?
(as in T&A)

:D I'm gonna get in trouble for this one.
I've got to catch up

black hair
green eyes
Reading a book
Half full
Left wing
Boxer Briefs! :)
Loved and Lost
Take train
cell phone
stay in
eating (I can go forever without sleep!)
summer olympics
winter too cold
play it safe
poke it
North America
T :D
okay....being Bill Gates type of wealthy but miserable forever or being dirt poor but happy for your entire life? :?
a very difficult question but I choose "being dirt poor but happy for your entire life", maybe I can conquer all things if I am happy and contented!
Mimmy_08 said:
a very difficult question but I choose "being dirt poor but happy for your entire life", maybe I can conquer all things if I am happy and contented!

You forgot to ask a quesiton Mimmy. :)

Oh well, I would choose the same answer Being dirt poor but happy for entire life....If I am very happy , that is ok.... :eek:kashii: :D

What would you prefer? Ramen or udon?
Ramen. I haven't had it for 5 years, and I miss it so much.

Which do you prefer: living by the ocean or in the woods?
I have to be in the woods at least once every two weeks.
lots of answers

That's a good way to kill time...
So here I go:
-Black hair
-green eyes
-reading a book although I watch more movies
-snow (perfect combination, a cold snowy night in winter :D )
-half empty since it means you had to empty it, you got something to drink, was it pepsi?
-right wing in theory, left wing in practice
-why did you separate Japan from the rest of the world, you shouldn't have to choose.
-loved and lost, always take the painful path
-train, buses are too crowded
-no kids
-without a cell, I have one but only because it's hard to have no phone at alll
-studying all my life
-depends where you go, if it's to go out in the nature, definitely
-sleeping much more pleasurable
-I boycot Olympics, it's such a waste of money
-a summer too cold
-live dangerously
-poke it
-leaves, are prettier in the fall
-immature death, life hsa no value in immortality
-Bill gates, you might not be happy but you can certainly achieve a lot and give your life a meaning
-Omniscient, that would be nice
-the path

:bravo: :yeahh: I won a question:

sword or gun?
Legato said:
sword or gun?

Definately a gun.
A gun is much easier to handle for me, and also much more threatening for self-defence...AK-47 for me please... :D I also know how to load guns, which is very important.
A sword can be difficult for me to handle, especially the big samurai ones and katana. (they are too big for me to handle).

A question:

News from newspaper, internet, TV, or radio?
T.V. the most easiest to get information, and you can do it while :ramen:
EscaFlowne said:
T.V. the most easiest to get information, and you can do it while :ramen:

And you intimidate and influence a lot of people...and some, that way.
Ok, here's me catching up a bit:
T or A?...A...ahem.
Poor and happy
Ramen or udon - dunno!
Living by the ocean
It's not an option but I say omnicompetent
Path or destination? Depends where I'm going! :D
Sword or gun? Neither
How apt is this...part of one of my lectures today was on where people get the news from (50% get it just from TV!). I listen to the news on the radio first thing in the morning, read the paper at dinner and watch tv at night! :D I prefer the newspaper though - you can skip the uninteresting stories :p , plus I'm a bit biased (go print journalism! :D )!

Next question - run for the bus or just wait for the next one?
neither-drive a car.

Snicker or butterfinger....
I get informed on internet, don't have a TV nor a radio, sometimes read the newspaper.
If I have my bike and can't catch the bus I just keep riding, in town I can usually ride faster than the bus, takes more effort though.
Sniker, butterfingers a way too sweet IMO and also you get some sticking to your teeth forever.

Question: God or Satan; good or evil if you prefer?
Neither :: ANubis!!!!!!! :)

Egyptian or American ?
EscaFlowne said:
Egyptian or American ?

American....because I have lived in the United States and loved it!!! (also, I speak the

A question:

Red wine OR white wine?
I love red wine! Don't care much for white.
good vs. evil
I can't decide. I like Snicker's and Butterfingers, but I don't eat them very often.
Wait for the next bus. I hate running.
the path

Pay for the Shinkansen and get there quickly OR Take the JR trains, save money, but take twice as long to get there??
Take the JR trains.

Coffee or hot chocolate in the morning?

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