Top 10 Best Modern Militaries/Armed Forces

Who told u tht usama was killed in pakistan did the US showed his footage r anything related to his death and why were they very In a hurry to through his body in the sea if they hv indeed killed him then show they must show some evidence and if we were attked then it will be a WWIII not only btw 2 countries but it will be much greater then it. And US will dare not through a bomb here coz they r nothing without us.
US surrenders to Pakistan

Intruding in our territory will mean war.

My Pakistani friend; have your war and dreams of glory in your head, it is time to cease this "My dog is bigger than your dog" posting and get back to the purpose of this forum

I realize Pakistan is all powerful, the US is "nothing" without you and so forth, I am happy for you to be so proud of your country and maybe someday you will grow up and serve in the armed forces of Pakistan

Most people on here are intelligent and hope to learn from the discourse of others, not the ramblings of dreamers

Cease fire
Dude its not called dreaming its called "reality"

Cease Fire frm my side
Why would the US "attack" Pakistan/Afghanistan, why would it not be P/A attacking the US? How would the P/A forces get their shock troops to the US, how would they control the sea lanes
, how would thier AF provide CAP or ground support?

Don’t a lot of the opium poppies come from around your home?

They can always send them on flying carpets...
If you are talking about the world's strongest militaries you'd have to take the nukes out of the equation. As that would be world annihilation and no point to even have an active military ground presence.

For anyone to say that the US is not by far the most advanced, strongest, dominant military in the world is just ridiculous. YES, Japan, Germany and even South Africa produce quality military tech but they do it in order to sell it to the US and any other oil producing nations that can afford their products. FYI we sell most of these wealthy countries our third tier aircraft b/c we are that advanced in terms of Air Force. A lot of these other countries still have planes from the cold war which are over 40 years old!!!

As for China and it's huge army that's great in all but we're thousands of miles away from them not including the largest ocean in the world, so logistics might play a part. BTW we have the best Navy in the world ten times over. With North America being isolated by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans it would take a hell of a Navy to ever even step foot on American soil. That's not even including the fact that the US has the most firearms in the world and we love to hunt or oppose other military factions trying to over take us.

The next scenario you have to think about is the army even mobile? Can they afford the costs of fuel and make sure they have adequate living conditions for their soldiers. The US can check both of those off of the list although most of the other countries can't say the same(almost all).

If you want to talk about in terms of potential then our two biggest allies Germany and Japan would be by far the two leaders. Luckily after WWII we were able to establish bases on these countries which eventually led to us building very strong political ties and with both of them basically being another version of Israel.

Then you take into consideration our Air superiority and it is not even fair. Yes Russia can produce amazing fighter's but they are all about economical and not about being technologically advanced. Our planes are so advanced we can't even put a human pilot into them b/c the human body can't experience the force of G's the plane would produce with it's maneuverability.

As for anyone that knows anything about warfare you can't win the battle without controlling the occupied area with a ground presence. You can bomb a city to ashes but it doesn't mean you've won(WWII,Iraq ex.). Which means you would have to have a significant force that could be supported, transported, trained in rural combat and very knowledgeable about the country they are occupying as well as trained in military warfare to overcome any insurgency it would encounter. Not many countries can check all of those off the list.

Luckily the US is not interested in taking over the world and thus the reason we have so many ties with other countries to mutually protect each other. Also with technology coming into play wars are not won so much on battle fields but more so through special ops. That is why most of the western world is focusing on developing their special ops programs as that is the future.
The U.S. is miles away over the rest. Especially now with generations of drones and robots tanks.
It is true that North Korea is highly overestimated and probably will not last very long in a war with a major power or even a middle power as their economy and technological capabilities are very limited and weak. However they are considered the most militarized country in the world as they spend a huge amount of their GDP on military and pretty much the whole country is looked upon as an army and treated as such. They are very tough, hostile and paranoid due to the communist government which brainwashes its people to think this way especially towards the West, most specifically towards the US. Now I didn't mean to generalize saying they are tough, hostile and paranoid in my previous sentence but like I said they are brainwashed to think this way. Despite everything they have the 4th largest army in the world ahead of countries like Russia and still possess much military power/force that should be taken seriously, they are also developing and working on possessing nuclear weapons and have already succeeded in having some warheads according to some sources. Now Indonesia is ranked in top 15 as 12th or 13th in several websites I have come upon but when I looked more into it, I ranked them as 18th in the world. They have a very tough training system, and are economically growing as well, have fairly large and powerful army, navy and air force but still have some time to be considered powerful enough to be in top 15 or 12/13 in my opinion. I don't know much about African militaries but would rank Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria as the top 3, and the rest would follow. Anyway here's my extended top 20 to 30 if you or anyone else wants to know more: 16) Egypt, 17) Italy, 18) Indonesia, 19) Mexico, 20) Taiwan, 21) Sweden, 22) Greece, 23) Canada, 24) Spain, 25) Saudi Arabia, 26) Ukraine, 27) Australia, 28) Thailand 29) Denmark, 30) Poland.

How can you put a country like Egypt with its economy ahead of countries like Canada or Australia, LOL. Egypt are pathetic. They have a military built almost entirely from United States military aid.
China's underground great wall is 5000km long, it can fit a civilization of maybe 10-20 million plus their belongings (industry, machinery, etc) much would it cost say USA to match this for a nuclear war.

Fact is china fights fortress war, this is considered backward tech but nevertheless to build an analog would tax the shit out of the US economy.

China does copy russian tech but lets put this in perspective, most of the chinese army is basically fortress force, most of chinese air defenses defend this fortress, as well as navy assets defend a submarine base analog 50 miles from the continental shelf.

China has approximately 1 million men in a fortress manning air defense systems, nuclear weapons or general nuclear war defenses (like moving 10 million people in an underground civilization, plus their machinery, and entire factories are already in these caves)

About 200,000 are digging tunnels as gold troops (i am gonna guess the tunnels are skeletons of gold mines)

About 800,000 in some kind of militia managing village level militia defenses (maybe 20 million vietcong style militia)

That leaves maybe 200,000 men that is considered western style fighting force (which is pretty good expeditionary force considering just how much 4th generation systems china has albeit copies of soviet designs)

-400 Su-27 (china can manufacture its own albeit with less endurance engines) thats bigger than both french and british air force combine and most french fighters are short range single engines
-about 8-12 nuclear subs (same as france or britain) but lets not forget china has 70 conventional subs that can lay mines all the way in australia
-40-50 guided missile ships (pretty huge fleet about as large as the royal navy)
-1 carrier (about as big as the royal navy albeit not fully operational)
-3 amphibious ships plus 30 tank landing ships (easily taking out indonesia's main island)

Combine them that pretty powerful, basically sea denial to the most powerful navy in the world by simply controlling the south china sea.
USA has the index of 100%

180% NATO (if it counts)

100% USA - US is da best when it comes to blowing things up.

64% European Union - EU is not that far of the american scale.

12% China - China has a small millitary it is still the only country in the world who can get 10.000.000 soldiers fit or figth in 1 day.

9% Russia - Russia is performing poorly demographicly and economicly.

5% India - India has a huge demographical benefit simular to Chinas still there is a big gab between the millitary hardware and technology used by the two countries.

I know alot of people want to say the U.S. is the greatest but I put China above the U.S. just for the simple fact the United States doesn't really want to f*ck with China and there are very few countries that the U.S. is actually afraid to go to war with.
Who do you think are the top 10 best Militaries/Armed Forces in the world? In other words if each country was to go in an all out war with each other, one on one, who would win the most times? And I mean army, navy, air force, special forces, ect. and not so much on nukes. Think about technological capabilities, population and country size, ect.

Here are mine;

1. United States

Big Gap Here

2. Russia

Big Gap Here

3. China

4. India

5. United Kingdom

6. France

7. Germany

8. Japan

9. Brazil

10. Pakistan

Obviously United States owns the competition. No military comes close anymore. Russia obviously comes next, with a large geographic size, okay population, and high tech weapons from the old Soviet Union (although their poverty is bringing them down).

China and India come next with the largest populations and one of the largest land areas. China has the largest overall armed forces, India has the second largest overall armed forces.

United Kingdom and France comes next with technology (especially Britain's special forces) as good as Russia, maybe even better. Their small size and population keeps them a BIT lower than the other Eurasian giants.

Germany and Japan (especially Japan) has had a lot of international pressure against military build-up but they still have one of the best armed forces. Germany has some of the finest tank forces in the world. Japan still has a power navy, although it has decreased quite a bit since WWII.

I wasn't sure who would come next but after some thinking Brazil seems powerful enough. It has a large geographic size and population and their armed forces are pretty big too. They also have a pretty large economy to make up for anything else. Pakistan would come next, with a pretty large military. They have also developed nukes (this list doesn't focus much on nukes but it deserves a mention in this case none the less).

What are your top 10?
Convention Russian army is the weakest in the world. The whole their weapons are not digital. China is ahead of Russia for that reason. Most of Russias armament has lost its compettitivness. They are buying from France.
How then French army is weaker than Russias?
Russian and British best militaries of all time
China, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil... are on the top only because of sheer numbers.

Quality > Quantity

1. USA
2. UK/France
3. Japan/South Korea
4. Italy/Germany/Sweden
5. Russia
6. All the rest
North Korea
Hi TurkYusuf, try using edit button in your completed post to correct text.

Other correction is that India doesn't have 1.75 B people yet. :)

I wouldn't put Germany behind France and England.

Other than that, a nice comprehensive review you wrote, thanks.

England doesn't have an army btw!
1. United States of America
{European Union}
{Shanghai Cooperation}
2. Russia
3. People's Republic of China
4. France ?
5. Germany ?
6. United Kingdom ?
7. South Korea
8. Japan
9. Indian Republic
10. Saudi Arabia

The European Union has a biggest influence if political and soft power are included. The EU basically has two votes at the UN security council and multiple levels of government to help push foreign policy.
I think both France and Germany have overtaken the United Kingdom due to defense cuts and the relationship between the US and UK. However, if nukes are ever used, or the UK is in battle with the US, then the UK overtakes both France and Germany.
South Korea is better than Japan only because it's a nation at war with North Korea and because Japan is so pacifist.
India is far too poor and messy but it's sheer size pushes it above the most powerful Middle Eastern and Islamic nation: Saudi Arabia.

North Korea

None of these countries should be in the top ten. The only advantage Iran, Pakistan and North Korea have are their development of nukes. Other than that they have horrible armies. I also doubt nukes will ever be used without drawing the attention of some superpower like China or USA. Pakistan is a failed state for god's sake, Somalia probably has tons of dangerous biological weapons around but I doubt anyone would say it has a strong army!

No, but the UK does. ;)

You'll get shot in lower class parts of Northern Britain for insinuating that they're a province of England!

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