Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan: two's company, three's none


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Have just read so much weepy story in the blogs, posted by a certain Turkish dude, who in particularities (lots of numbers and facts) had revealed how much Georgians are impudent to steel the transmitted through their territories gas from the South Caucasus Pipeline (Baku - Tbilisi - Erzurum). Yeah, I see Turks are seriously concerned about the situation. But actually who'll like such a state of deal?? Although, personally find the Azerbaijani position in the issue to be passive enough. Especially find it to be astonishing considering the fact that Azerbaijan every moment can directly and officially raise a claim through its membership in the HUAM Organization. At the same time guess it is a high time for the same HUAM members to step in and to show their certain negative position towards the Georgian gas machinations, definitely casting a portion of shadow at all of them in whole. Uncertain situation... Is that a kink of mutual ass licking?? If yes, than who does lick - either Azerbaijan or Georgia???

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