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It's not genocide for me, the Armenian civilians were exiled by the Ottomans(1915, relocation law), partisans and militans were killed by the Ottoman empire army.. they were using as a "pawn" by our imperial enemies(Russian empire, British empire, French empire)... I haven't ever talked about French occupy of Algeria and colonialism of Western empires.. :D
It's not genocide for me, the Armenian civilians were exiled by the Ottomans(1915, relocation law), partisans and militans were killed by the Ottoman empire army.. they were using as a "pawn" by our imperial enemies(Russian empire, British empire, French empire)... I haven't ever talked about French occupy of Algeria and colonialism of Western empires..

If this ultra-nationalistic rhetoric that borders on academic blindness is taught in Turkish Public schools then I have little hope of Turkey in the future as a partner with the west. And I would suggest that Turkey would be more at home in the Russian Federation’s warm embrace than with the EU. Your ignorance of history is astounding and it is clear you see through rose tinted glasses. Did you happen to learn about any of these in your Turkish schools;The Istanbul pogrom, Dersim Massacre, Zilan massacre, Beyazıt massacre or the Taksim Square massacre.

The fact you think of it only as an exile is insulting and to be honest angers me. Exile does not mean death marches into the Syrian Desert, forced physical labor to the point of death, the systematic killing of able bodied men and the forced deportation of women, children and the elderly. The systematic elimination to everything non Turkish in Anatolia is indeed genocide and it is bigger than most people know. It started with the Orthodox communities and when they were removed they kept going taking time to forcibly assimilate every group of people that were not self-identified Turks.

Many people cite the genocide starting in 1915 and carrying on past the First World War into 1923 (birth year of the republic) this period of course includes The Turkish War of Independence 1919 –1923 that was fought between the Turkish nationalists and the powers backed by the allies; Greece, Armenia and France after the conclusion of World War One. I bring this up because, the Treaty of Sèvres was abandoned and the Treaty of Lausanne was signed because of the Turkish War of Independence. This is important because it voided the creation of Kurdistan and other promises made to the Greeks and Armenians that resulted in much more bloodshed.

Turkey abolished the sultanate (1922) and the caliphate (1924) which is noteworthy because it severed the only thing that bound Kurds and Turks and set the stage for more modern conflicts such as the current plight of the Kurds on both sides of the Syrian-Turkish border.

In 1923 Turkey signed the Treaty of Lausanne this established the modern borders of Turkey as we know it and over turned the previous treaty . In a nut shell it delineates minorities on the basis of religion only. It sounded good to them on paper but in practice Turkey only granted these rights to the Armenians, Jews and Rums. But if you were a non-Muslim such as the Assyrians, Bahais, Georgians, Maronite Christians, Protestants and Ezidis you were left without protections. And by 1926 it surrendered the minority rights secured for the Jewish, Armenian and Greek peoples.

But in reality I would start the clock on the Ottoman-Turkish repression/genocide of the Armenians back to 1876 when Sultan Abdülhamid II sought to find a way to resolve the reoccurring unrest in the empire by reinforcing the Islamic character of the state. His first trick was the creation of the Hamidiye Regiments which were comprised of Kurds from the eastern provinces that would be deployed in case of rebellions.

The sultan quickly used them in the Ottoman campaign against the Armenians, as Abdülhamid II feared a Armenian uprising in the eastern part of the empire.

The creation of an atmosphere that was opposed to anything non-Islamic was a torch that was carried on by no other than Mustafa Kemal himself aka Papa Turk as founder of the so called “secular turkey” in his conception of a new state, Mustafa Kemal leaves out all the non-Islamic communities of the country.

Thus, the proclamation of the Erzurum Congress of 1919 stipulates that all Islamic ethnic groups living in this area, are true brothers, imbued with the sentiment of mutual sacrifice and respectful of their racial and social circumstances.

Article 6 of the same proclamation extends this principle to all Ottoman territories within the lines of the armistice signed with the Allies in 1918 and states the Ottoman lands as “inhabited by our true brothers, of the same religion and race as ourselves, whom it is impossible to divide.”

Papa Turk used this Islamic rhetoric about the Islamic character of the peoples living on the Ottoman lands repeatedly, each time underlining the “brotherhood” between Turks and Kurds, leaving anyone not Muslim out completely.

With all of this in mind I would say it is in fact genocide that started with Abdülhamid II and was carried on by Mustafa Kemal and only ended when the republic had finished off the Greek and Armenian obstacles to Turkafying Anatolia. The republic then quickly turned on their Muslim brothers who did not self-identify as Turkish such as the Kurds. Between 1925 and 1938 thousands of Kurds and Alevis were deported to Western Turkey. Causing many Kurdish rebellions in the 1920s the first major one was the Koçgiri rebellion of 1920, made up mainly of the Kirmancis of Dersim, it was followed by another rebellion lead by Sheikh Said in 1925, made up mostly by Zazas.

Many people do not know that parts of Turkey were under continuous martial law from 1925 until 1946 because of the oppressive Turkish polices.

I argue that the Armenian Genocide is much wider in scope than many people even know about and that even today the legacy it created still carries on in the republics laws and practices with respect to ethnic and religious minorities. It is hard and painful for nations to admit they are on the wrong side of the moral fence but it can be done. Apartheid in South Africa and slavery and racism in American history are some examples of states acknowledging past wrongs and trying to atone for them.

What had worked successfully on smaller groups such as the Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks did not quite pan out when it came to the Kurds or the Alevi so after about 70 years of denial they had to admit to the existence of the latter groups. That would be in the 1990s fyi. To this very day the Turkish Republic tries to limit the political, religious, educational and linguistic rights of any group that is not a self-identified Turk.

Back in 2004 when Turkey was courting the EU for membership it was forced to do something that had to at least on paper try to address some of the minority issues. For my fellow non-European members who may read this it is called the minority protection conditionality for EU members.

In reality the reforms were still too restrictive for a modern and western nation state. In other words it granted some rights to minorities but made it so restrictive as to have no real effect. It also made a backdoor clause so that if any of the minorities enjoyed their new found freedoms to much they would reserve the ability to have unbridled authority in making ancillary legislation.

Now imagine if it was forbidden to speak French on the radio or television in Canada, or Spanish on a national televised program in my United States or use English in Ireland while televising a major sporting event because of arbitrary regulations that limit minority-language news and cultural programming to 60 minutes per day, five hours per week on radio, and 45 minutes per day, four hours per week on television. The regulations also require that non-Turkish radio programs be followed by the same program in Turkish.

I would argue that listing religious affiliation on the cards exposes people to discrimination and is very un-secular. The law restricts religious services to designated places of worship. Municipal codes mandate that only the government can designate a place of worship; if a religious group has no legal standing in the country, it may not be eligible for a designated site.

If your in a small non islamic group then you are probaly not going to be able to hold any religious services. Police occasionally prohibit Christians from holding services on private property even, and prosecutors sometimes open cases against Christians for holding unauthorized gatherings.

Supposedly proselytizing or religious conversions are not illegal but there have been cases of prosecutors and police looking at groups who do such things with suspicion and have prevented Christians from handing out religious literature in the not to distant past.

The idea of Turkey as a bastion or bulwark of secular democracy has been and always will be a farce made when we needed Turkey during the Cold War. It was a one party state till 1945 and no matter who ran the government they were strictly for Turkish nationalism.

The dismantling of the Caliphate and Sultanate severed the one tie the Kurds and Turks shared and were mere power plays to control the state because it was a threat to its nationalist aims for full control of the people residing in Anatolia and went so far as to replace Ottoman Arabic with a variant of Latin script for written Turkish. Mystical Sufi with various religious-social orders such as tarikats have been banned officially since 1925.

From an American perspective that would be like banning the Knights of Columbus, The Stone Masons and Shriners. The fact that the Turkish government has a “list” of acceptable religions that limit what you can identify with is appalling. For the sake of being thorough I am talking about the Baha’is who have no option.

To add insult to injury they state their religious affiliation on national ID cards. Imagine the uproar in America if Mormons, Scientologists, Rastafarians and other non-mainstream religions were snubbed in such a way.

Turkey even took direct control of formal Islamic institutions. In reality we could say it is more like a Theocracy then a democratic secular government. So please you are not fooling anyone with your false claims of being a modern secular government. It was genocide and it did not stop with the Armenians.

I will edit this post later to add all the sources and proper citations but I am tired right now and need to get some sleep.
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why only Turks? kurds and circassians killed more than Turks. Turk not live on that area.

and i think some different things for that events.

when ittihat terakki coup to ottoman empire. (and i believe they are mason/sionist agents.) doing so many bad things about anatolian people. i think this is a project for that gheography.

also ittihat terakki not turks. 2 kurd 2 chirkassian, 1 albanian is main leaders of ittihat terakki.

So we dont have so much connection for that events. you can ask to kurds and mason agents

i must be say again

Turks dont live on that area. circassian, and kurdish people high population eastern anatolia with armenians for that days.

and ittihat terakki is not Turks. they are different ethnicity from ottoman like a ataturk and they have mason/sionist connection

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