Vlach haplogroups & deep ancestry?

Sure, I'm not denying that, it's expected to find variation on such a wide area.
Nevertheless, the Vlachs from Serbia are Romanians basically, while those from Greece, Albania and North Macedonia are Aromanians mostly and my reaction previously was on the comment that the Aromanians from these three countries have nothing common in genetics which is a pure lie.

Aspar Well since you call me a liar
I return to you as a 'MAN WITH AGENDA'




If the above does not enlight you, then yesterday was Theophaneia, Baptism enlightment,

II believe the researches. than your personal wish genetical data.

Aromani is from multigenetic Roman and South Balkan population, than from Wallachia. (Greek Thracian Illyrian +traces from Europe according area of Legio previous camp, or Villa-city creator)
Romanians are N Danube Thracians etc plus Slavic Antes major + Roman empire + Goth in minor

the term Wallachia has nothing to do, cause it had then Wallons and Walles and Vlach are connected ;)
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