What do you think of homosexuality (and gay marriage) ?

What do you think of homosexuality and gay marriage(choose all that apply to you) ?

  • I strongly dislike gays, but think they should have the same rights as anybody else

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I've made my point WRT gay marriage in the other gay thread. Regarding homoseuality - I have no problem with it. Provided that homosexuals have consenting relationships with adults and don't bore the rest of us to death by telling us how wonderful it is to be gay.

BTW it is not as if a person willfully decides that they want to be gay. Irrespective of how liberal or tolerant a straight person is they will always feel disgust about engaging in homosexual activity.
I may have switched to the Republican Party since then but my opinion on Homosexuality has been the same as the day Obama made gay marriage legal in 2011.
If you want to date someone in the same gender, I have no beef. Just make sure you keep your clothes on in the Pride Parades so the children can watch the parade-floats as well. :)
On the question of heritability there are polygenic loci inferred from genome wide association studies. The 23andme research study and
UK Biobank one have around 400,000 subjects.

The genes may be cracked with higher-power studies with larger population samples.


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