What kind of music genre do you like or dislike ?

I think like most music i think but I am not a fan of Salsa, Gospel My favorite band is The Doors :) My favorite genres are... Dub-step, CLassic rock/pop rock/rock, pop, reggea and hip-hop!
The Doors...great. Welcome dude.
I like Italian music, from operas to musica leggera.

All the usual caveats for preferences of specific bands and artists apply, but in general, here's my list:

Rock - 5 (favorites are too many to list... I like old rock and roll from the 50's all the way up to modern rock)
Hard rock - 5 (again like rock, I love hard rock too. Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Deep Purple and Blue Oyster Cult come to mind but there are many others. I guess Rush fits here too, and they're awesome.)
Jazz - 5 (I love jazz in almost all it's styles, though there's very little modern jazz that I like.)
Early Electronic Music - 5 (Gigantic fan of music that features early uses of synthesizers, oscillators, theremins and so on. I even like the kitschy "Moog" novelty recordings from the 60's and 70's.)
Post-Punk/New Wave/New Romantic - 4 (the music that helped formed my childhood tastes. Ultravox, Magazine, Wire, Visage, Gary Numan, etc. Heck I even like early Duran Duran.)
Metal - 4 (fan of early Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. Also like some Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.)
Blues - 4 (gotta really be in the mood for it, but I am a fan of traditional blues. I also like blues rock.)
Electronic Dance - 4 (I'm a fan but can't listen to it all the time. Favorite period is from 1988-1993.)
Pop - 1-5 (varies wildly. Some of it I love and some of it I hate.)
Funk - 4 (I love the funk. Parliament, Funkadelic, Brothers Johnson, even jazz/funk groups and artists like Return To Forever, Herbie Hancock and Weather Report kick butt as far as I'm concerned.)
Art Rock/Glam - 4 (Roxy Music, David Bowie and Brian Eno)
Classical - 3 (favorites are Liszt and Chopin)
Psychedelic Rock/Pop - 3 (I'm a ****** for weird hippie music.)
Neo-Psychedelic - 3 (Black Moth Super Rainbow, Flaming Lips, Orange Alabaster Mushroom)
Progressive Rock - 3 (a genre with a wild variance in quality. Gong is one of my all-time favorites. In general, I also enjoy Yes, ELP, the Moody Blues, King Crimson, and some others.)
Disco - 3 (Some disco tracks are awesome and timeless, but a whole bunch of it was imitative garbage. The hot tracks are unforgettable though.)
Hip hop - 3
Bossa Nova - 3
Soul - 3 (varies wildly, but Gladys Knight, the Four Tops, Otis Redding... all great)
Country - 2 (I like very little country music, and what little I like is Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and a smattering of other stuff from the 50's-70's.)
Reggae - 1
Ska - 1
Ambeint - 1
I like many different types really.
Rock - 5
Jazz - 4
Night-core/Trance - 4
Rap - 2
hip-pop - 2
Classical - 3
I actually listen different types of music; In contrast with cinema which I only watched my favourites Film genres ;something that is really interesting is how music helped to develop an identity in the slums in Buenos Aires thanks to "Cumbia Villera" or La Saya, Caporal and Morenadas with the Afro-Americans , Quechuas and Aymaras living in the Andes.

Back to the topic ,the noisy Death Metal can be up to me , like "Cannibal Corpse" or listening the oldies LP of Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath , but rather than the genres I enjoy listening to music everyday in French, Español, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, English and Romanian, that gave me a wider perspective about the Global village.
I like them all... I've even started listening to 20s and 30s swing jazz music and I love it!
I like both kinds of music, Country AND Western.
I don't mind any kind of music unless the words are violent :)
Old style Western ... Yuck!
I like jazz, pop as well as classical music. I dislike hard rock.
I like Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Accoustics (like Jack Johnson etc) and Classic Rock

I dislike country, rap, and whatever Disney is trying to pass off as Music :/
I love country, rhythm and blues, classical and pop music. It makes me sway and frolic.
What I don't prefer is punk rock, electronic and heavy metal. I dislike loud music. It's not my thing. It gives no peace to me
I like mostly instrumentals, folklore music, ancient music, medieval music, that's all.

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