Politics Will Russia Attack Ukraine?

Holding onto the table is a habit he developed while sitting at his nuclear table in his bunker. He was holding onto the nuclear table because he was trying to fight against the urge to push the nuclear button.

Of course this particular table is not equipped with a nuclear button, but Putin's habit remained.

This kind always stays speculative, tricky business.

Nevertheless Parkinson is suggested more often. Holding a table so stiff as he does can be a sign of controlling a tremor.

This could be relevant because this could make him more reckless, unpredictable....

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is there Russian source about Putin's "Parkinson" or is that another CGI (cri)? we have plenty of virtual reality now
is there Russian source about Putin's "Parkinson" or is that another CGI (cri)? we have plenty of virtual reality now

I don't know if Putin has Parkinson but I'm scared to ask what condition does Biden have:

Transnistria, eastern part of Rep. Moldova, occupied by the Russians since 1992 and transformed into a Russian military fortress unrecognized by anyone as a state, was the target of rockets that hit the headquarters of the "Ministry of Security in Tiraspol" and two antennas transmitting the propaganda of the Russian occupiers. After the Russian annexation of Belarus and the invasion of Ukraine, the attacks in Transnistria, which is an area of Moldova, show that Russian aggression is already spreading and penetrating NATO territory because Romanians are already in NATO and Moldovans are Romanians! An attack on Moldova also meant attacking the Romanians, and therefore NATO!
but not a part of "polish" Hospodarstwo Mołdawskie


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