Politics Will Russia Attack Ukraine?

Very good summary of the first two months of war:

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Lavrov claims that Hitler just like Zelensky also had Jewish roots.

Lavrov claims that Hitler just like Zelensky also had Jewish roots.


Lukashenko is on fire!!!

Экс-помощник Лукашенко рассказал историю о «еврейских корнях» белорусского президента // Ex-assistant of Lukashenka told the story about the "Jewish roots" of the Belarusian president


Лукашенко сказал:

— У нас в Беларуси евреев было столько, что все перемешалось. Вот, например, у Радькова — 30% еврейской крови.

Чиновник напрягся и подумал, что Лукашенко знает о нем больше, чем он сам.

«А Александр Григорьевич через паузу продолжает:

— А у меня — 40%!

Lukashenka said: “There were so many Jews in Belarus that everything was mixed up. For example, Radkov has 30% Jewish blood. The official tensed up and thought that Lukashenka knew more about him than he did. “And Alexander Grigorievich continues after a pause: - And I have - 40%!
is it acceptable here to wish death to the other members?
Russian propaganda robot ... By defending war criminal Putin and his Kremlin supporters, you become a war criminal yourself! Your daddy Putin who made you spread his propaganda "theses" is already on the dustpan and you will be held accountable together for all the genocide committed!
English subtitles:

Not something very significant,

European countries Nato air-tigers meet. plus swiss and Austria.

from spitfire and F4
till F35 Rafale F3r and Eurofighter.



OR N Africa and Sahel


From the day Arab Spring started, there is no place where war ended, except Afganistan,
and as long as Russo-Ukraine war continues, more sparks scatter around to start new fire.

War still continues in Libya Syria Iraq Turkey (invader) Armenia-Azerbaijan, SaudiArabia-Yemen Sahel (wider Sahara area)
Inconsistency and false peace based on negligence leads to recurring conflicts.
Who joins a war, defends or attacks, must be ready to win. No victory, no peace.

The Western World is not ready to win and take its role as a leader, they have withdrawn again and again in the past.
You cannot plant the seed of enlightenment in a desert of madness, without protecting it.

With the neglect of forced cultural transformation for primitive nations, religious freedom for extremists and constant feeding and welcoming of people who wish us death, the Western World has bred its own enemies.
And it gets worse: the media suggests us, that we also owe something to the people who burn our flags.

For what did the American people in Afghanistan gave their lives? For that Taliban can now rule there? For that now every year a dozen of terror attacks happen in the Western World? What a shame.

The Western World prefer to profit from trading with rouge states rather than invest their strength in eliminating them.

Israel has made many peace offers to Palestine, they have all rejected them. Why do some Western Countries still support Palestine? For continue that conflict?

The Ukraine is a special case. They weren't so naive and prepared themselves over years for this war.

Victory and success also requires compromise. You can see it now with Turkey. If NATO doesn't make concessions to Erdogan, we all will have problems. Turkey is the most moderate Islamic state in the world. Syria should have been a gift for Erdogan, he could have pacify the region, but the cowardice of the West led to the victory of Assad and the Russian insertion. Rape, murder and crime overtook many Western States since 2015.
Thanks to Turkey, a little less young men from the middle east came to Europe.

Now Xerxes of Moscow has another bunch of exotic freaks for his army and we have as many hookah lounges and barber shops as never before.

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